Dawn Of War

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When I play the Tau in a dawn o' war skirmish, I use my strategy, which is as follows.
  • 1. As soon as you start off, get your drone building a kroot barracks, then make a new drone and start building a tau barracks.
  • 2. When the kroot barracks are ready, make a carnivore squad. Add as many reinforcements as possible. Same with a fire warrior squad, then send them off to capture nearby critical locations etc. Start building a few plasma generators. Make the commander, give him a flamer.
  • 3. Build a path to enlightment. When all locations nearby are captured, bring the squads back to base to guard it. Add a few more if you want to. Give the kroot a shaper, and the fire warriors a leader.
  • 4. Make a squad of broadsides, and build a mont'ka command post. Eventually build a coalition's center, and make an ethereal. Send him to a corner of the map, out of harms way. Make body guards, teach mont'ka. Send a large kroot squad or two to capture a relic.
  • 5. Build a few more generators, on a slag deposit if available. Build a vehicle beacon, and when teaching complete, make three hammerheads, then a knarloc.
  • 6. Finally, collect the following units together:
    • x 1 Greater knarlock
    • x 3 Gammer heads
    • x 2 Broadside teams
    • x 1 Elite bodyguard team
    • x 1 Builder unit
Then send them all off smashing their way towards the enemy base, capturing strategic points (etc) on the way (that's what the elite team is for), and the builder to build silencers. Then attack the base head on.

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