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I have noticed quite a few conversions in the board (and all of them are great!) but they tend not to use the "all-mighty" appoxy putty, better known as Green Stuff. Now I'm not an expert, but I do have a few hints and tips to give as well as a few tutorials to throw in! (I know, I know...I have too much time on my hands! Wink )

The Basics
Everyone needs to start somewhere! I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to give the best working green stuff that a modeler needs:
  • Tools: You don't really need the expensive GW Definition: Games Workshopmodeling tools, but they are nice. I just use an exatco-knife, tweezers and a safety pin...anyting with a point will work! And yes...that is a Tiger and Winny the Pooh Dixe Cup holding the water...Hooray for living at home! Wink
  • Water: Most people do not like the Green because they complain that it is too sticky to work with.  The easiest solution is to dab your tools and (sometimes) hands.  This makes the Green more malleable without sticking onto your hands.Also be sure to use water to smooth out areas like when you leave your fingerprint on it.
  • Mixing: I can't stress this enough! It may seem redundant, but it is essentially the most important step! GW Definition: Games Workshopgives you the Green in two separate colors on a stick, blue and yellow.  The most important part is to cut off equal amounts and neat them together to make a nice "forest" green color. Be sure to have some water on your fingers so that it does not stick to you!
  • Cutting: Most people don't know this, but when your stuff goes dry, you can cut it and file it like a piece of wood! Definitely handy!


Tutorial #1
Making Decorative Fur
Alrighty then, assuming that you have done some reading of the basics, I am going to show you a neat little project that anyone can do to make a model more appealing! (Heck, if I can do it... Tongue)
I put some fur cloaks onto my High Elf Archers to make them more appealing to the eye. Here is what I did:
  • Step 1: I took my archer and assembled him as normal, then I placed the High-Elf Cloak on his back (I think the box set comes with four of these).
  • Step 2: I then mixed my putty following the basics rules and applied it to the top of the cape. I decided to make the fur a piece of hanging cloth at the top rather than a complete fur cape...I'd make my complete fur cape for my characters. The thicker you lay the Green, the more "Furry" your Green will look. After I stuck it on, I smoothed away my finger marks with the back of my exacto-knife with a bit of water on the back
Gallery image
  • Step 3: Now came the fun part! I started stabbing it a million times with a needle to model the fur. Start in a small area and work your way around the model.  The more you stab it, the finer the "fur" will become.
Gallery image
  • Step 4: The final step was easy...I just continued to poke it up until I got the look of fur I wanted for the model.  I then placed it aside to dry.
Gallery image

There, in four easy steps you have a unique model...I believe that the entire project including mixing took me about 15 minutes.


Tutorial #2
Chaos Pus/Filth/Decay/etc. & Armatures
My friend came up to me when he was starting his nurgle army.  He wanted a neat easy way to convert his chaos minions with Filth and such! I came up with the easiest idea ever: Green Stuff! (lol...okay, anyone could have guessed that!)

Not only is this a Tutorial for modeling Chaos Pus/Filth/Decay/etc...but as a double bonus It has armatures on it as well!

•Step 1: After building the model, I then proceded where I was going to put it...the easiest place was the shoulder I went there! (  ) I mixed the Green and globbed thickly onto the desired place. I then smoothed it out with a wet knife. I got to go bonkers on it and I stabbed it at random intervals, using different sizes of Pins and Nails...Don't go too berserk, for there is more to do yet!
Gallery image

•Step 2: To build the armatures I took a paper clip and cut it to the desired length, making sure to leave a little bit extra on it so that it will stick into the Green on the shoulder.  I took the paper clips and bent them into untwisting shapes; to try to get the image of chaos. Then a simple ball of green stuff was attached to the end.
Gallery image

•Step 3: Then I stabbed the "blob" on the shoulder with the paper clips, and adjusted them accordingly.  I then took the wet knife and smoothed the balls on the end of the paper clips onto the shoulder to look like they are growing out. Any random holes that were on the shoulder were replaced by stabbing them.
Gallery image

Gallery image

•Step 4: For the final step, just wait for the Green to dry (about a day usually) and then sculpt somemore green onto the wire and model them to whatever you like...tentacles/tails/suckers/etc. I left them blank for my friend to figure out what to do with them. The big "sucker" on the shoulder was made by rolling a small ball of Green, putting it onto the shoulder, then poking it with a small nail.

And there you have it...another Four Step Tutorial to make Green Stuff your friend!  I will make some more tutorials very soon.  Feel free to post any comments and questions!


Tutorial #3
Making Bionic/Mechanical/Augmented Eyes
Special Thanks to Justin Kase

Although I did not create this model (see original post Tau Medic ) I think that I can give the basics to the aspiring modelers out there. Note to Justin Kase: Please feel free to PM me to correct any errors or add/delete comments (for you came up with the original idea!)

•Step 1: The model was built as wanted (Special note: I'm only covering how he did the eye). Then a small ball of Green Stuff was applied slightly off the center of the eye.
•Step 2: The eye piece was then sculpted into a rectangular shape, square for the eye piece and recangular working its way back. Then a thin "string" of green stuff was modeled from the eye piece then to the back of the head.
Gallery image

Here is what Justin Kase had to say: It's a little hard to make out the details (bad pic), but I added another band to the piece that goes around the back of the neck, then rolled out a ball of GS Definition: Green Stuffand mounted it to the side of the right eye, smoothing it out.  I then placed a small piece of rolled out GS Definition: Green Stuffover the eye connecting to the half circle and flattened it and cut off the top, bottom and far side to make it more rectangular.  Then used a thin flat piece of wire to press down the center to make the recessed lense.

Justin Kase also had a close up and example of bionic implants for his Space Marines:
Gallery image

Gallery image

JK: Those I square off more and then use a thin piece of aluminium tubing (1/16 or 1/8 IIRC) to make the lens - by pushing it into the pre shaped squared off area and then use a fine detail tool to 'adjust'. 

Another special thanks and a hearty round of applause for Justin Kase! Excellent Model!


Tutorial #4
Making Loin Cloths & Seals of Faith/Hate

Librarian Note: Sorry these pictures have been missing for a long time! Happy converting!

Under special request from Justin Kase, I have put together a Tutorial that will cover the makings of a Space Marine Loin a double bonus, I will also show you how to make the seals that you see all the time on SM Definition: Space Marines(especially Daemon/Witch Hunters) using just green stuff:

•Step 1: Build the model as normal...actually, my model is a butchered space marine that I used for different conversions thoughout my life time (I think at one time he was strung up by his toes on a piece of scenery!)  After that, mix up a small "blob" of the Green Stuff

•Step 2: Now take the Green stuff and sculpt it flat into a bulky "y" shape. Now blob it firmly on the underside of the belt. Although the model looks awkward right now, it will come to pass, so don't worry.

•Step 3: Now we grab the end of the Green and pull very quickly. the result will thin out and stretch the Green Stuff and make it more maleable and real looking Just trim off the excess to get the desired length. Now all you need to do is just sculpt in some fold at your liesure!

•Step 4: Bonus round! I had some leftover putty, so I decided that I would make some seals! They are very simple to do...just stretch out a blob of Green and cut into a rectangular shape. Stick this seal where ever you want (I choose the shoulder pad) and leave it hang.  Now take a tiny (and I mean really tiny) ball of Green and put it over top of the "paper". And then just take a small paper clip and poke a hole in the ball, and voila!


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