Modular Tanks: Tau Devilfish/Hammerhead

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Modular Tanks: Tau Devilfish/Hammerhead - A complete construction guide

"Constructing Modular Tanks with Rare Earth Magnets - Guide based off original thread from Tau Online and 40k Online"


For those who are new to this, this guide details how to build a Hammerhead from the Hammerhead kit that is able to be converted to have interchangeable weapons as well as being able to be used as a Devilfish, with some small modifications to the front turret area and to the main turret of the Hammerhead.
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The modified components    Devilfish
Article image    Article image
Hammerhead: Railgun + Burst Cannons    Hammerhead: Ion Cannon + SMS

This guide is basically a rewrite of my thread here, which was based off the original thread on 40k Online.

I've gone through the complete process, taking pictures at every step, giving more detail as to how I've gone about this, with other alternatives mentioned. Basically I've taken what I saw as the best from both threads, and combined them to do a complete conversion, with the help of rare earth magnets.


8 Page PDF w/ Colour Pictures | Latest Version: 1.0 - 13/10/05

Normal Version (2.5mb) - Normal quality pictures

Low end Version (269kb) - JPEG compressed pictures, low quality

You will need Adobe Reader to view/print the files.


Making the Devilfish - A series of tutorials by ShasEl_Tael - there are just so many things covered (eventually) that its too many to list here. It all fits in really nicely with this guide though, I suggest you read it.

Hammerhead To Devilfish Conversion (modular tanks) - The old thread here.

Tau Modelling Tips - Original thread on 40k Online.

HobbyToolz - Magnets were provided to me by these guys, they rock! (site isn't up yet though)


Feel free to leave your thoughts on this guide here, or even any typos/mistakes/etc you find. Some parts of the guide are fairly complicated, and may require near-precise measurement in some cases. If you find that you need some help or are stuck on a section of the guide, don't be afraid to ask here. Also, if you've succesfully gone through and completed this guide, I'd like to hear from you, on the conversion itself and the guide.


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