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Barricades are great in battles. They provide you with a 5+ cover save and slow down the enemy a bit. Also the great things about them is, that they are really easy to make. Below is what you'll need for this tutorial:
  • An old plastic sprue
  • Cardboard

Step 1:
Cut out a 5" piece from an old plastic sprue. Then cut out a few 1-3" pieces from the plastic sprue. Stick the 5" piece to some cardboard using super glue. After thats fully dried, stick the smaller pieces onto the large piece so that the barricade looks old and as if its collapsed. You should get something like this:
Step 2:
After everything is in place and looks a bit like a ruined/collapsed railing, cut the cardboard base to the right size and then spray or paint the plastic sprues black.
Step 3:
Once the black paint has dried, put boltgun metal on your paint brush and then wipe most of it off then lightly flick your paint brush over the plastic sprues to make the plastic look like metal. After you've done this simply flock the base and your done. You should end up with something like below:

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