Magnetizing Valkyries

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Although I haven't really been doing much in 40k in terms of gaming/hobby.. well everything - I have been keeping up with White Dwarf and new releases and couldn't resist the temptation of shiny new guard releases!

So after a bit of a splurge/online order a while back I now have the IG Codex, a Sentinel, and a Valkyrie.

My desk is currently covered in Valkryrie bits and smells very much of plastic glue. For those who remember me, I tend to like magnetising large vehicles etc particularly when I don't intend on purchasing multiples just to have different weapon configurations (XV8s I don't mind so much.. they're fun to pose).

Now since I can't decide on a weapon outfit for my Valkyrie, I'm going to build it such that the weapons are interchangeable. So far I've built the hull itself with the top removeable so I can paint the inside, and just need to add little bits and pieces onto it.

Article image

Part 1: Front Weapon
Now the Valkyrie has two options for the front weapon - either a Lascannon or Multi-laser. A picture would explain better:

Article image

What I've done is embed a rare earth magnet (3mm dia x 1.5mm height) in a sprue cutoff and glue that into the mounting piece; and drill some holes into the back of the weapons and insert a small diameter (and short length) screw.

It fits together, like so:
Article image

The mounting piece then goes on the side of the hull/cockpit section as usual and viola, interchangeable front weapons =)

Part 2: Wing-mounted Missiles
For the wing mounted weapons, you have a choice of sticking to the standard Hellstrike missiles, or replacing them with multiple rocket pods.

[18/05/09] I haven't gotten this far yet!

But my plan is, to insert a rare earth magnet (hopefully one is enough) into the mount, and then adhere a section of a paperclip onto the edge of the hellstrike missile/multiple rocket pod where it would normally be glued to the mount.

[23/05/09] Done! More or less went to plan...

Firstly - tools used in this section that have made my life so much easier...:
  • Pin vice - with 1mm drill bit
  • Hobby saw
  • Model vice
  • Appropriately sized drill bits - 3mm one for my magnets
  • Paper clips!
  • Super glue
  • 2x Rare Earth Magnets - the ones I've used are 3mm (dia) x 1.5mm (height)
I started off by modifying the mount that the hellstrike missile/rocket pod attaches to. Originally I wanted to embed the magnet in it with minimal change to the aesthetic of the mount.. but that seemed to hard so I pulled out my saw and cut a section away from the middle of it. I figured that if I tried to drill straight down, then chances were it that it would probably ruin the middle section anyway, since the 3mm drill bit was almost as wide as the mount itself.

So I made two cuts into it:
Article image

And then using a trusty pair of pliers, just snapped the middle section off and filed it down.
Article image

Next it's just a matter of drilling a small hole, only just deep enough to fit the magnet in so it doesn't stick out too far.
Article image

For attaching the Hellstrike missiles, I just cut a length of a paper clip and stuck it to the fin:
Article image

For the rocket pods, I cut a length of a paper clip and bent it to almost the same size and shape as a small staple. It's smaller than the weapon mount so that it is out of view when attached:
Article image

Note, there is a small gap between the pod and the paper clip, this is so that it can attach to the magnet. I used the already magnetised mounts as a reference point (i.e. glued the paper clip in place whilst it was stuck to the magnet so as to get an almost perfect fit).
Article image

And that's all the weapons done!
Article image

Now for the almost completed Valkyrie, with swappable weapons:
Article image

Article image

Overall I'm happy with how this went, and I've only used 3 magnets overall too =)

For converting to a Vendetta, see this thread by Aunny - Valkyrie to Vendetta Simple Conversion. Try magnetising the vendetta weapons as well.

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