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This is jut one of the custom units I use in my Tau'Ri Sept army, it was also the first one I created. It's the XV63 Langoustine Combat Drone.I came up with the idea while looking at all the spare parts from my BS Definition: Battle Sister or Ballistic Skillsquad. Primary armament is a Burst Cannon and a SMS, Although you can replace the Burst Cannon with a Plasma Rifle. They are also equiped with a wide array of hadware including Recoil Absorbtion, Blacksun optical arrays and an improved AI systemGallery image
The marking on this side read 01 designating as #1 is the squad of 3Gallery image
This side the marking read XV-63Gallery image
Rear shot showing the Jetpack CheesyEach one is made very simply using the following partsCrisis Suit Feet - 1 pairCrisis Suit Arms - 1 pairFusion Blaster - 2Flamer - 2Gun Drone saucer - 1Gun Drone Antenna  - 2Gun Drone Bottom -2Crisis Missile Pod -2Crisis Burst Cannon or Plasma Rifle - 1

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