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Hello.I have just bought 19 Crisis suits and 6 stealth suits (and 6 hammerheads...). Of course this is the Apocalypse deals.Anyway I am going to field all these nice crisis suits in a Farsight army later on in normal WH40k too.Thoug I don't like the apearance of the Crisis suits, as they are to stiff in my own opinion. There is no life in them (duh they are robots... but with a operator though...). So I decided to do some somple conversions to give them more life and dynamic.I am sure others have done the same, but I'll post my results as they come.[gal_img]1325[/gal_img]Here is just a picture of the basic conversion I do. I cut the legs and arms on all crisis models. This will give me more dynamic and opens up more poses for my crisis suits.These cuts takes only a few minutes in total and I think its worth every second to do it.Gallery image
These are som "free hand" conversions. More of these will come of course. But I have only done 5 at this moment, due to lack of time.[gal_img]1326[/gal_img][gal_img]1327[/gal_img]Here is my try to convert some crisis to look similar to some crisis from the Tau Empire codex. The left one is Commander farsight, and I tryed to make him look like he does in the codex. The one to the right is an old favorite picture. The twin wielding fusio blaster crisis. The picture of him can be found in the Tau Empire codex under the Elite section of the army list.[gal_img]1323[/gal_img][gal_img]1328[/gal_img]This is my secondary commander. Wanted him to look like the crisis from the front page of the Tau Empire codex.Here he is finnished, with my color scheme. Makeing a snow themed army.[gal_img]1329[/gal_img]Yours TrulyVash

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