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This Tutorial is supposed to be a basic method to create a high number of good looking lava bases in a rather short time. If you follow these 6 Steps you can easily base your whole army in a lava theme. A higher standard for Showcase Minis is also possible. Just practise the Basic Tutorial a little bit and then try the same thing with a larger amount of colours. Enough talking, let's begin:

Painting the Rocks

  • Black Undercoat
  • Drybrush with Codex Grey
  • Drybrush again with Fortress Grey

Achieving the 'Lava' Look

  • The basic colour for the lava spots is Red Gore (Step 1)
  • Paint the Red Gore undercoat with spots of Blood Red (but leave a rim red gore visible (Step 2)
  • Continue the procedure with Blazing Orange... (Step 3)
  • ... and then with Golden Yellow and Bad Moon Yellow (Step 4)
  • Eventually add a tiny spot of white in the center of the lava (the hottest spot (Step 5))
Voila! The basic lava effect is complete. Quite easy, isn't it?

Advanced Lava (Source Lightning) (Step 6)

You can add a Source Lightning effect to the stones, if you want to:
  • Imagine the tiny lava bubbles as the light source
  • Drybrush a large circle of Red Gore on the rock
  • Add a smaller circle of Blood Red
  • Add another small circle of Blazing Orange
  • Add an even smaller circle of Golden Yellow
That should be it! Enjoy.

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