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Tau Fire Warrior - preferred enemy Space Marines (Black Templars)

This is a very simple mod in which I created for the purpose of teasing my friend Smiley (he collects Black Templars) but in the end came out quite well anyway. You only require to parts of a Space Marine, and a Tau Fire Warrior to create this mod, just take a Space Marine shoulder, and glue it where the giant Tau shoulder originally would be, and a nice head on the ground beside his feet never hurt. Just scratch some pieces off with a modeling knife, paint some blood and you're good to go.[gal_img]989[/gal_img][gal_img]990[/gal_img]

Tau Fire Warrior - Dual Pulse Rifles

Another simple mod in which I designed for the average fire warrior. He carries to pulse rifles, and will blow the *insert word here* out of anything that comes near him Wink This mod is quite simple to create, but will require a few extra parts (included with the normal squad), and a little cutting of the fire warriors left arm.First get a left arm that you think would position the gun in the direction you want him to be pointing it if he had a gun in his hand. Then you must cut off his hand, at the wrist area, and re-glue it in a sideways position, making it look better because the gun won't be sideways. Then glue the left arm on how you see fit. After that just glue on a second shoulder onto his right arm (if you have one, most will not, mine did because I had one extra due to my preferred enemy mod. Then you just have to paint it up and it's finished.Gallery image

Tau Fire Warrior - Heavy Pulse Rifle

My favourite and most original mod for my Tau race. I call it the heavy pulse rifle. I got this idea when I was thinking about many different races normal squads can upgrade one of their men to carry a heavy weapon, so I designed this for my fire warrior squad. To create it you will need an extra end of a plasma rifle, a bit that looks like a handle (mine is a handle from an Imperial Guard mounted heavy bolter), two extra pulse rifles, and that's pretty much it. You must cut one of the pulse rifles barrels close to the middle, and then another near the beginning of the gun. Cut off the whole barrel of the plasma rifle, and the two large cylinders attached to it. Glue the barrels of both guns onto when the barrel of the plasma rifle used to be, with the larger one on top. You must cut the gun off of one arm because all are attached, after carving it out, glue the handle on top of the gun/barrel, and make each arm fit one handle, you may have to play around with it a little bit, then voila! Your own heavy pulse rifle Smiley[gal_img]987[/gal_img][gal_img]986[/gal_img][gal_img]988[/gal_img]

Tau Commander - Twin Linked Plasma Gun

I made this mod because, well... I made a stupid mistake Wink I forgot the multi-tracker could be hardwired, so glued it up on top and my missile on the other hand, unfortunate thing is... the twin-linked plasma rifle didn't look good anywhere other than the opposite arm (to me at least) or did it? I found one more place, but it required a mod, and that was on the same arm as the first plasma rifle. So to make this you must first have an extra plasma rifle (included with battle suit/commander) and cut the whole barrel off of it. Then find some sort of wire looking thing (I used the wire off an extra Terminator lightning claw arm) to combine the two guns. Glue the second barrel onto the first, but further up the barrel. The glue the wire to the chopped of part of the barrel, and into the original plasma rifle.[gal_img]982[/gal_img][gal_img]983[/gal_img][gal_img]981[/gal_img]

Tau Commander - Close Combat Weapon and/or Symbol of the Tau

This is a mod I created because I think the Tau should have much more CC weapons, like, actually Tau, not Kroot. So I designed a simple axe like weapon, symbolizing the Tau, and a CC weapon. It was very simple to make, just carve out a staff/stick/pole out of plastic, use extra parts to making it look all Tau (in my case a shield generator and the head pieces of a battle suit) and carve out a axe/ sword head out of something. (I used the thing plastic from a normal infantry unit's base).[gal_img]980[/gal_img][gal_img]981[/gal_img]Gallery image

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