Gada's Guide: Tyranid Warriors to Raveners in a Few Easy Steps.

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Well, I recently attended a tournament and won a box of Warriors. So, I decided to convert them to Raveners since I didn't have any, and I have enough Warriors.

Now, the Ravener I'm building doesn't have Rending Claws, because GW Definition: Games Workshoplikes to frustrate me by only giving me one in a boxed set. I guess I'll have to wait until I nab that box of Genestealers.

Without further ado, here it is!

First, cut out the two Scything Talons, the front and back sections of the torso, the head that you want to use(I prefer the curved inward one), the tail section, and the face. Also, if you have any spare Deathspitters anywhere, grab them, two per Ravener is best.
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Now after that, cut the edges off both sides of the head. Then shave it down so it looks streamlined. Glue the face to the head and let it sit while move move onto the next step.
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Now, take a sharp modelling knife and cut the tail section in half, like so. This allows to give it a "Just burst through the ground feeling" to it, something that takes a great deal more effort with the metal ones.
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In all of this, glue the two sections of the torso together and file down the top half of the tail section until it is smooth and fits flush with the base. Glue that on at its desired position, let it dry for a minute or two, and glue the torso on in its desired position. Get a good feel for how you want them to look by playing with them before you glue them together.

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While this is drying, go back to the head you glued a few minutes ago. Take two Deathspitters, and cut the small claw on the bottom of the gun off at it's base where it meets the gun. File this down until you reach the length you want and glue it to both sides of the head. Now, you get that Ravener look on it.

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Now, glue the Scything Talons on in and pose you want, and Rending Claws if you're lucky enough to have a few pairs lying around. Now, for the gap where the legs on the Warrior should be, place Gaunt Scything Talons down there. It looks good and fits well.

Finally, glue the other piece of the tail on if you wish, usually sticking up from the ground. To make it bend without breaking, slowly bend a little section and work your way down the length of the tail. Eventually, it will get that white stretched plastic look, and will bend easily without breaking. Glue it on where you desire, and Vola! You just need to paint and base them now. Smiley

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For a good looking base, make a small crater around where the Ravener is bursting out to make it feel more combat ready, as if it just crawled from the depths to join the battle!

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