Mechanicsed Black Templars Verses Necrons

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The Lists

Templar (Me)

Master of Sanctity - Adamantine Mantle, bolt pistol, terminator honors, holy orb of Antioch - 171
 Emperor's Champion - Accept any Challenge, No Matter the Odds - 140
14 Man Crusader squad - 10 initiates, 3 neophytes, melta gun, power fist, Landraider Crusader(blessed hull, smoke, spotlight) - 518
 2 10 Man Crusader Squads - Melta gun, power fist, Landraider Crusaders(blessed hull, smoke, spotlight) - 450 each
Heavy Support
 Vindicator - Extra Armor - 130
 Predator Annihilator - extra armor, lascannon sponsons - 150


Lord Number 1: Warsyth, res orb, viel - 200
 Number 2: Warsyth, res orb, phase shifter, phylactory(sp?) - 195
4 squads of 11 warriors with disruption field - 480
Wraiths - 123
 3 Destroyers - 150
 Tomb Spider - one with staff of light, one standard - 110
 Monolith - 235
I know that his is 100 points short, and he knew it going into the game, phase out is 13.
"Honored Chaplain, our Auspexes are detecting the Necron scum in the area, shall we take care of it?" Brother Roland said as he looked up from the Landraider's auspex. "No, we shall not take care of it, we shall crush them, for the Emperor!" Chaplain Gregory shouted as the Crusade squad followed with, "For the Emperor!" A battle cry that the Necron would come to despise.


The mission was rolled as Cleanse, Gamma, no night fight, we had someone at the shop set up the terrain.
[gal_img]894[/gal_img]That picture also has the armies as they were set up.

Black Templar Deployment


Necron Deployment

Just move the squads towards the bottom back six inches, I forgot to take a picture

First Turn

I won the roll for first turn, but allowed him to go first, as I knew he had no shots at all. He left the Monolith where it was, and advanced several squads on the bottom edge of the board.

My Turn

Moved my crusaders and vindicator up, moved my annihilator over to get a shot at the Monolith. Shooting: Shot at a squad of warriors, knocked down 7, 3 died.

Turn 2

He moved his Monolith towards the warriors on the bottom, did nothing else with it. I moved my crusaders closer, shot at the squad in front of the Monolith with them, and deployed a squad to charge. Shot at the Monolith with Vindicator and Annihilator, only stunned and shaken.
[gal_img]902[/gal_img]Charged the Necron warriors, the Chaplain and the squad massacred them before they could attack, consolidated into Wraiths and Lord number 2 and Warriors.

Turn 3

An even more devastating turn for the Necron, 5 warriors did not come back. Though he did manage to destroy one of my Landraiders. His destroyer squad moved over, shot at my Annihilator, did nothing, then got destroyed by a crusader shooting it. In close combat I killed his lord, and did no wounds to either the Warrior squad or the Wraith. I lost one Neophyte, and I won combat. The Wraith ran off the table edge (all the way back to his deployment zone)

My Turn

The Vindicator Immobilized the Monolith, and stunned it. The Red bladed Crusader squad charged into the warriors, together they took out all but one warrior.

Turn 4

Lord does not get up(he rolled a 3 for Will be Back) along with 4 warriors.
 Necron: The standard Tomb Spider charged into combat, and killed one marine. My squads kill all but 2 warriors and killed the Tomb Spider, the warriors failed their moral and were over run. I rolled 2 4's for massacre result, and moved towards the other warriors.

My Turn

My green based squad(one with the chaplain) got close enough that the other Lord was the only target-able unit, shot him, 2 wounds, they then charge. Emperor's Champion squad shoots the remaining Necron squad and then charges. The vindicator shot the monolith, and got a weapon destroyed/stunned result. Assault: Killed Lord, and massacred Warrior squad, Consolidated into Tomb Spider and last Warrior squad.

Turn 5

Monolith took out one Land Raider Crusader's multi melta, and then got stunned. The Lord did not get back up, and no warriors did.
[gal_img]897[/gal_img]The Necron player got phased out, and I won the game. Victorious Slaughter, only lost one Crusader and 8 men(1 was a neophyte)

The Survivors

[gal_img]898[/gal_img]All of them but the far left crusader survived. I forgot that he died.
All in all it was a fun match, the Blue sword squad, one on the far right, never left the Crusader because they were picking up Transmissions from Ancient Earth of Stargate SG1. And all I have to say is that I love this army!

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