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Here is a brief outline and summary of all of the stratagems in the Planetstrike Expansion book. Don't worry, I won't give too much away, It'll hopefully make you want to buy the book!

Defence Stratagems

Stronghold Strategems

Ammunition Store: This is quite a nifty stratagem that is declared Pre-game, it allows you to re-roll failed to hits from that building once per turn. It may be used by a squad inside the building.
Viability - Medium

Command Centre: This can be very useful for almost all armies, as it provides a good CC bonus to all friendly units within 6". This is also declared Pre-game.
Viability - Medium-Low

Power Generator: Can be very useful if you really need to take down a high toughness enemy, or if you just don't do very well when rolling to wound.
Viability - Medium

Sacred ground: This power can provide much needed courage to the nearest friendly unit.
Viability - Low

Imposing Edifices: Can strike fear into those enemies who want to charge the building.
Viability - Low

Turreted Stronghold: Is a very useful add-on to your building, it adds a Battlecannon to the top of the building with a 360 degree arc of fire.
Viability - Medium-High

Void Shield: Can be invaluable in the first turn of the game, as it protects the building from Firestorm, and it cannot itself be damaged by the firestorm. But it is extremely fragile, and can be destroyed by some basic weapons.
Viability - Medium

Fortified Stronghold: Is an extremely useful stratagem, but I am unsure whether it is worth a large 3 Stratagem points, as it only makes the building twice as durable.
Viability - Medium

Obstacle Stratagems

Krak Attack: This can easily be one of the best stratagems in this section, as it can severely damage the enemy's forces before they can hurt you any more. This automatically hits the first enemy unit to Deep Strike into play with D6 relatively strong hits. It only affects more of the enemy forces if they roll badly.
Viability - High

Las-Maze: This can also be quite destructive, as it is basically a difficult and dangerous terrain area. Not much more to say other than it is relatively cheap on the Strat points, and it's size can be unreliable at times, as it can vary from 18" long to 78" long.
Viability - Medium

Minefield: Is also an area of dangerous terrain, but is maybe slightly more effective, as it is a less random shape/size, it can be up to 6"x12" in size.
Viability - Medium

Trench Network: can be extremely useful if you want to make sure you survive the firestorm, as it gives units a cover save if they are in the open, this is sadly the only use for it, making it less viable.
Viability - Low

Drop Pylons: are adept at stopping the enemy in their tracks, so you can pound them with your ranged fire, stopping the enemy from retreating and diverting them into fire lanes. I cannot see many other uses for them, as it doesn't affect vehicles. However, these can be temporarily disabled by grenades, so watch out.
Viability - Medium

Force Pylons: Are basically the same as Drop Pylons, except these are placed during deployment, as opposed to in the defender's movement phase.
Viability - Medium (can be useful earlier in the game than Drop pylons, but are less of a surprise)

Dirty Tricks

Escape Hatch: will be mainly used for getting troops out of bastions to safety, or can be used to get assault troops outside quickly, as they can assault after getting out of the exit.
Viability - Medium-Low

Drop-Bastion: I fear that this stratagem's name gives away what it is all about, basically, you can hold a bastion in reserves and Deep Strike it in your movement phase.
Viability - Medium

Drop Zone Denial: Can be used as a cunning weapon to alter your opponent's plan, as you can make them choose a different drop zone.
Viability - Medium-Low

Attack Stratagems

Darken The Skies: Unfortunately, I think this will see limited use, as all it does is incur the Night Fight rules for the turn.
Viability - Low

Dawn Assault: Also incurs the Night Fight rules, until the sun rises on a 4+ on a roll of a D6.
Viability - Low (but slightly higher than Darken The Skies)

Deathstorm: I think the name slightly dramatizes this Stratagem, as it is basically a storm that hits evey unit that is not in a building with lots of Strength 1 hits, so this can only really be effective against not-very-tough, light infantry.
Viability - Low

Confusion Reigns: Can be used to re-organize some of the defenders troops before the Firestorm, so can bring the tougher units out of their bastions into the open, so that they can be hit directly by the Firestorm.
Viability - Between Medium and Medium-Low
Crash and Burn: Is the first Attack Stratagem that is likely to directly harm the defending units (other than Deathstorm which is barely effective in any case) as you can place craters on the board, hitting any units/buildings quite strongly.
Viability - Medium

Desperate Last Push: I can see this one being used a lot in games, as it allows the attacker (and in some cases the defender) to have an extra turn at the end of the game, allowing for some last minute gloating at how you can win the game after it has already 'finished'.
Viability - High

Gremlin Curse: Targets D3 enemy strongholds and can prevent them from firing, often at the most awkward of times.
Viability - Medium-Low

Ground Observer: Is a fragile, but effecient way of getting your Deep Striking troops to stay on target, as long as they have line of sight to the Observer (represented by a coin, etc).
Viability - Medium

Heavy Duty Drop: allows you to Deep Strike units that would normally be unsuitable for such an entry, I can see this being used by Orks to drop Battlewagons, etc from the sky. But watch out, as the unit can be temporarily disabled by the huge landing as it fights it's way out from the rubble.
Viability - Medium-Low

Phase Field Generator: Can allow a unit to open up a portal to the inside of a building prior to an assault so they can throw strong explosives in to damage not only that section of the building but also any occupying units.
Viability - Medium

Planetary Convocation: Can be one of the most effective stratagems if timed correctly, as it allows the attacker to make the defender re-roll any rolls of '6' on one turn (which is decided immediately after the Defender's deployment), the advantages are nearly endless from letting a high toughness unit to survive for that little bit longer to condemning units with bad armour saves.
Viability - Medium-High

Scorched Skies: This is probably one of the best stratagems in the book, as it allows the attacker to roll 2D6 as opposed to the usual 1D6 when determining the number of Firestorms. So, in a game with 5 objectives, the attacker can have up to 17 Firestorms. Now that is worth it.
Viability - High

Smoke Shield: Provides relatively weak cover for 2 turns, but this can be enough to make sure those units survive a bit longer, not much else to say on the matter, as it's uses are relatively limited.
Viability - Medium-Low

Supply Drop: allows you to choose D3 units, and they are equipped with grenades. Needless to say, perfect for bunker busting, assaulting troops and even when being assaulted, although the Elite warriors you take should have this sort of equipment already.
Viability - Medium

Sustained Assault: allows you to choose a Troops choice, and when they die, you get another squad of them coming in from reserves in one of the following turns. This may only be used once, shame eh?
Viability - Medium-High

Stasis Bomb: This is a nifty stratagem which can sort out some dilemmas. You may select a building (but if you roll badly then your opponent may select it) which is then effectively removed from the game for the rest of the turn, it or the units inside it cannot interact or be interacted with until the bomb's effects have worn off. Extremely useful for keeping an objective for another turn, or for cutting of some of the enemies firepower so that one of your units survives.
Viability - High

Terror Tactics: Is a good way of getting your opponents units out of the way temporarily, as it can force pinning checks with ease.
Viability - Low

Laserburn: I'm sure most of you know what this is and/or how to use it from the Planetstrike edition of White Dwarf. Basically put down two counters, which scatter, then a line is drawn between them, and any squad in the way is likely to be seriously hurt.
Viability - Medium-High

Planetquake Bomb: Just the name of this stratagem will strike fear into the hearts of your enemy, although I fear they may breath a sigh of relief when they find out what it does, it basically makes non-vehicle units take a pinning test, and hits bastions with a high strength.
Viability - Between Medium and Medium-High (Like Terror tactics, I feel that it is not worth this many stratagem points.)

Meteor Strike: Does exactly what it says on the tin, it a Meteor that strikes the ground so hard, that it destroys any terrain underneath it, and most likely anything without a decent invulnerable save. The impact crater is treated as difficult and dangerous terrain.
Viability - Medium (for all those stratagem points, I expected a bit more carnage than 1 large blast marker.)

Army-Specific Stratagems

This basically improves the automated guns on strongholds, as it increases their BS Definition: Battle Sister or Ballistic Skilland allows them to shoot at any unit in range, not just the nearest one.
Viability - Medium

Is EXTREMELY effective at taking out enemies in building with good armour. If they pass their armour save they are fused to the inside of the building and count as being removed from the game.
Just think how this could take out characters. [cough]Abaddon[/cough].
Viability - High

This basically causes any defending units within 6" of a drop pod landing to take a morale test. Simples.
Viability - Medium-Low

With this stratagem, you roll for all of your reserves with a single D6, so if one unit arrives, they all arrive, and Vice-Versa. This can lead to quite a boring game if the attacking forces don't arrive until turn 3. But it just makes it even more exciting when they do arrive.
Viability - Medium

Every time a building suffers a destroyed or worse result, the Ork player may call a free Waaagh! the next turn.
Viability - Medium (Maybe Medium-High, I'm not entirely sure on the benefits of a Waaagh!, I have never played against Orks. Sad, I know.)

Hypertrophic Fauna: TYRANIDS ONLY - ATTACKER
This allows the Tyranid player to place D3 woods and D6 pieces of 'Hypertrophic Fauna', which is likely to be represented my some moss/lichen.
Viability - Between Medium and Medium-High, depending on how well you roll.

Forces units inside buildings to take a Morale check at the beginning of every turn, if they fail they evacuate the building immediately.
Viability - Medium-Low

This allows the Eldar units which are Deep Striking to be extra precise, and allows you to roll for all of your reserves at once, so you can choose which passed rolls go to which units. Very handy. (I have tried this one to great success)
Viability - High

Sunburst Bombardment: TAU EMPIRE ONLY - ATTACKER
The Tau launch down their sunflares, this disorientates automated weapons, decreasing their BS Definition: Battle Sister or Ballistic Skillto a downright appalling level, this also brightnens the scene for non-vehicle units on the ground, so they benefit from an increased BS.Definition: Battle Sister or Ballistic Skill
Viability - Medium-High

Euclidean Mindphase: NECRONS ONLY - DEFENDER
This can slow down the enemy's advance so that you can fill them with Gauss energy before they reach your lines. All enemies in this movement phase count as moving through difficult terrain. Great. Super.
Viability - Medium-High

This stratagem progressively decreases the defender's morale as the game goes on, making it well worth its cost in SP's.
Viability - High

I hope this gives you a good insight into the uses of stratagems in games of Planetstrike.
Thanks for reading.

    - LordZanuu

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