XV16/2 Crossfire Warsuit

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Some of you might have seen my titan, posted in the Showcase, but for those who haven't seen, here it is again:

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So I figured I should post the rules for it!

XV162 Crossfire Warsuit, Separate Detachment War Machine
The Crossfire Warsuit is still in developmental stages, but so far has seen nothing but success. Piloted by a skilled Fire Warrior Shas'El who has already completed his battlesuit training, an XV162 tends to be a lone wolf, operating much further ahead or away from the main Tau force, as the suit is very much an army in its own right. Currently the battle style reflects Monat, but once the Warsuit is put into extensive production the thought of a bonded team of XV162s working in tandem is a formidable one indeed.
                       Points   Front Armour   Side Armour   Rear Armour   BS
Crossfire Warsuit   873           14               13                 12         4
Type: Walker/Skimmer
Crew: Fire Warrior Shas'El
Unit Type: Fast Vehicle
Structure Points: 3
Weapons: The Crossfire Warsuit is equipped with three railguns which can only fire at one target, three railguns which can fire at another target, a submunition-capable railgun that can fire at another target and six burst cannons.  It also has two networked markerlights.
Vehicle Upgrades: Flechette discharger, seeker missile, vectored engines, grav-shift field on all sides (provides a 4+ save against any shooting attack).

Jetpack: The XV162's jetpack allows it to move 12" in the movement phase and 12" in the assault phase.
Rapid Fire: The XV162 can rapid fire its plasma rifles even while moving.
Precious: While it's unknown why you'd want to stick around after the first round anyway as it has no Initiative or Weapon Skill value, after the enemy has attacked on the charge the Crossfire Warsuit must move in its subsequent movement phase away from the charging unit.
Deep Strike: The XV162 may Deep Strike when the mission allows it, but may not make the 12" move in the Assault Phase in the turn it arrives.

And of course we all know that the Tau use Mantas and not Titans, so here's the fluff for it.

Notes: Shas'etra is my own Sept, it means The Sun That Sets. There's a load more background for that, including why it's called that, that I might upload to somewhere or other.
The O'Ho'lans' World disaster is an event that is the focus of a novel I am writing, and it's a very important part of Shas'etra's history. If you guys are interested I'll reveal more, but what it boils down to is a planet in the third phase expansion that ended up being blown up.


It has been said of the Tau Empire that they do not employ large scale walkers (known as "Titans") in the same way as other races do. Broadly, this is the case: the young race instead utilises heavy aircraft called Mantas, and these war machines are armed and armoured in a way comparable to a Titan, with the added benefit of being able to transport a cadre of troops into the thick of the action. Towards the end of the Damocles Gulf crusade the Empire employed these fliers against the Imperial Titans and Dal'yth, achieving a stalemate against the ancient constructions.

After the O'Ho'lans' World Disaster the Shas'etra sept found the Manta to be ineffective in the dense woodland, unable as it was to fly below the gargantuan trees while Imperial Warhounds  stalked the forests unimpeded. Reluctant to level the natural beauty (ironically, as the planet was destroyed at the end of the campaign) of the planet, the formidable Mantas were reduced to taxis ferrying the troops around the edges of the woods. As a result of this, Shas'etra sept elected to build and test a war engine that would combine the maneuverability and flexibility of a battlesuit with the firepower of the large carrier. They were not discounting its usefulness for a second, but something could (and, they felt, should) be created to fulfill the same tactical niche that the Imperials had their walkers for. After all, the Crisis and Broadside suits had seen nothing but success on the battlefields - why not produce a bigger one of those?

With this in mind Shas'etra's Earth caste scientists devised the Crossfire Warsuit. Designated 2 for experimental and in the unprecedented size class of 16, the walker takes the concept of the Crisis battlesuit and applies it on the level of full scale war, to the extent that the Crossfire is a match for an army. Equipped with seven railguns able to fire at three targets (three solid shot railguns at two targets and one submunition-capable accelerator at a third), multiple burst cannon batteries and of course seeker missiles, which the Crossfire can fire itself due to its own networked markerlight system, it can reliably pierce any armour and spray enough pepper to disperse lightly armoured infantry. Outfitted with the same jetpack engines as the Crisis and Stealth battlesuits but scaled up to the larger size class, it can deliver these weapons payloads to any location on a huge front given its incredible range. While unable to reach the same top speed as a Barracuda or Tigershark, the Crossfire can change direction instantly: something that these fliers can never do.  Finally, the Warsuit is fitted with an experimental field that projects a gravitational disturbance over its surface, in order to misdirect or refract munitions or lasers from its hull, affording it impressive survivability in the face of all the weapons it will inevitably be deployed against.

There are currently three Crossfire Warsuits in action, and the Empire is monitoring their fortunes closely to see whether it is viable to build more. In these developmental stages the suits are all painted in Shas'etra's colours, despite only one of the current machines serving with Shas'etra's forces. One is with the Vior'la sept (and has a Vior'la pilot, of course), and the other is operating out of Sa'cea. Once the design is approved, the Vior'la and Sa'cea Crossfires will be repainted in their new sept colours. The Crossfire's designers believe it is important that the pilot is a Fire Caste member, as with the Crisis suits and unlike the fliers which even in war remain part of the fleet, and recommend that the pilot should be a warrior experienced with the Crisis suit as the Crossfire builds on the same principle. Time will tell if these warsuits will be fielded on a wider scale, and with a greater degree of configurations to counter even more varying threats.

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