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What is a Legendary unit?
A Legendary Unit is basically a single, very big model which is either a Super-Heavy Vehicle like the Baneblade, a Gargantuan creature like the Hierophant Bio-Titan or Flyers like a Ork Fighta Bommer. These types of units cannot be found in Codex's, but are instead found in Apocalypse Datasheets either in the Apocalypse book or the Apocalypse website. Legendary units are units of Legend, where they have been named and famed in some of 40k's biggest and most notable battles, hence the reason they are called Legendary.

Imperial Guard

Baneblade Super-Heavy Tank:The Baneblade is the oldest Imperial Tank currently in service, and still widely used. The Baneblade is essentially a Fortress on wheels, sporting a plethora of weapons and some of the deadliest Ordnance available, the Baneblade is truly a vehicle to be feared on the battlefields of the 41st millennium.
The Baneblade in Apocalypse is one hell of a tank, with 8 weapons and a Baneblade Cannon that uses a 10" Blast Template (A.K.A - The Dinner Plate) Infantry and Vehicle alike will fall before it's cannons. The Baneblade has a Turret mounted Baneblade Cannon with co-axial Autocannon, a hull mounted Demolisher cannon, a hull mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolter, 2 side sponson twin-linked Heavy Bolters and 2 side sponson Lascannons. Now that is a lot of Dakka. The Baneblades' crew can also be replaced for a Commissariat crew or be upgraded to a Command Tank, both of these upgrades give substantial Leadership boosts for Troops nearby.
Hellhammer Super-Heavy Tank:The Hellhammer is constructed around the same chassis as the Baneblade, but instead has it's armaments replaced so that it can advance forwards and support Infantry in close quarters environments e.g. Cities. The Hellhammer has the capability to blast apart enemy fortifications and heavily armoured troops.
The Hellhammer is more favoured in close quarter environments like Cities whilst supporting advancing Troops. The Hellhammer Cannon is basically a Demolisher Cannon, which gives the Hellhammer an impressive 2 Demolisher cannons. You can also swap the side sponson Lacannon and twin-linked Heavy Bolters for extra armour plating, which increases the Hellhammers' side armour or exchange the twin-linked Heavy Bolters for twin-linked Heavy Flamers at a substantial points cost.
The Fortress of Arrogance:The Fortress of Arrogance, Commissar Yarrick's Command Tank, was first commandeered by Yarrick during the first war on Armageddon in pursuit of Ghazghkull Uruk Thraka, but after suffering extensive damage was abandoned. Later on nearing the second war for Armageddon Yarrick had the Tank recovered and repaired by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Now Yarrick delivers his inspiring words to his men, whilst judging and executing those Greenskins who dare to oppose the Fortress' might.
The Fortress of Arrogance (with the exception of a pintle-mounted Storm Bolter and Hunter-Killer Missile,) is for all intents and purposes just a Baneblade, but a Baneblade commandeered by Yarrick himself. The Fortress of Arrogance is a very pricey tank, as Yarrick's cost is also included in the overall cost, plus the Fortress has some pretty sweet abilities. First, is that as Yarrick commandeers the Fortress all friendly units around him receive amassive Leadership bonus, and as the Fortress is seen as Judge, Jury and Executioner in the eyes of a Ork, any Ork that assaults the Fortress will have to pass a Morale check or spend the rest of the turn begging for mercy.
Hydra Flak Tank:Based on the Chimera Chassis, the Hydra is seen as the 'workhorse' of mobile Anti-Air defence and is used in Artillery and Infantry columns to defend from aerial attack. But, if pressed for extra weaponry, many Imperial Officers will use the Hydra as a Tank, swatting lightly armoured tanks and transports and crippling Infantry advances with it's powerful twin-linked Autocannons.
The Hydra is easily explained, it's pops enemy aircraft from out of the sky. As the 2 twin-linked Autocannons count as being AA Definition: Adeptus Astartes or Anti-Airweapons anybody who fields a Hydra may need not to worry about having their lines bombed or shot up by enemy aircraft. But if you are pressed for a bit of firepower you can turn the Hydras' guns onto enemy Infantry and tanks.

Space Marines

Thunderhawk Gunship:The Thunderhawk Gunship is the mainstay vehicle of the Space Marines. Providing Transport for Space Marines, who can be delivered into the heart of any battle, or covering fire or fire support with it's fearsome array of weapons, the Thunderhawk is a unit which is rightly famed and feared throughout the galaxy as the chariot of the almighty Space Marines.
The Thunderhawk Gunship is a very pricey unit, but a very cool unit. Armed with a Thunderhawk Cannon, four twin-linked Heavy Bolters, 2 hull-mounted Lascannons and 6 bombing pylons the Thunderhawk is as much a fighter/bomber than it is a transport craft. The Thunderhawk has a transport capacity of 30, and can upgrade it's Thunderhawk Cannon for a Turbo-Laser Destructor. And as the Thunderhawk has thick ceramite plating to avoid it burning up when performing a atmospheric drop, melta weapons do not get the extra D6 armour penetration that they would normally get.
Masters of the Chapter:The Captains of Space Marine Companies are spread across numerous battlefields leading their companies to victory. However, when the time is called for an entire Space Marine Chapter to be mobilized, the highest ranking or most honoured of the Space Marine Captains will join forces to form a Chapter Council, a both rare and risky sight to both Space Marine and human alike. But when united as one, these Captains of the Chapter provide a strong head of tactics, advanced weapons and solid leadership capable of guiding a Space Marine Chapter to war.
Basically the Masters of the Chapter unit is just avery fancy Command Squad, but instead of regular Marines you have Company Commanders which are led by a Chapter Master. Each Master/Captain/Commander must be bought and given wargear like a Space Marine Commander, nothing is standard, you pay a lot of points for the unit, then you buy in each Commander and their wargear. Once this is done you are left with a ultra-super Command Squad, which has massive Close Combat potential. Each Master grants a specificStrategic Assest which can and may well change the tide of battle.

The Imperium

Warlord Battle Titan:The Warlord Titan is the most powerful land unit in the Imperial arsenal, and is effectively a walking fortress. The Warlord has the capability to level entire armies, cities and fortifications. Any foe caught in the way of a Warlord suffers but one fate, death. To the Adeptus Mechanicus the Warlord is a incarnation of the Machine God, smiting the Traitor and punishing the heretic. Every waking moment whilst a Warlord stands it is blessed by the Adepts of the Mechanicus. The Warlord Battle Titan is revered as a God and feared as a harbinger of doom.
The Warlord Battle Titan costs almost as much as a legal Apocalypse army, and so it should be for what it can do! The choice of devastating weaponry is vast for a Warlord, it can be armed with 2 of the following shoulder mounted weapons: Double-barrelled Turbo-Laser, Plasma Blastgun, Inferno Gun, Vulcan Mega Bolter, Apocalypse Missile Launcher, Vortex Support Missile. The Warlord can also take the following weapons for both of it's arms: Laser Blaster, Gatling Laser, Melta Cannon, Plasma Destructor, Quake Cannon, Volcano Cannon, Titan Close Combat Weapon. By the Gods! That is an insane amount of fantastic weaponry to choose from! With a huge amount of Void shields and structure points the Warlord definitely cuts it as the number 1 Big Daddy of Apocalypse.
Warhound Scout Titan:The smallest class of Titan, the Warhound performs the scouting role for Titan Legions, being more agile and quick than other Titan classes. But, unlike there bigger brethren, the Warhound is usually fielded in a pair to avoid total loss of any scouts or vital information on enemy positions and forces.
Most people know about the Warhound, and in the Apocalypse book nothing has changed. The Warhound can choose the following weapons for both of it's arms: Double-barrelled Turbo Laser Destructor, Plasma Blastgun, Inferno Gun, Vulcan Mega Bolter. The Warhound is much, much cheaper than a Warlord and can provide some much needed fire support for your Apocalypse army.
Thunderbolt Fighter:The workhorse of the Imperial Navy, the Thunderbolt combines a trustworthy and easily made flyer with devastating firepower and fast speeds. Used to support infantry, hunt titans, engage in dog-fights or hunt bombers, the Thunderbolt can always be found hunting the skies for prey be it in small squadrons or massive flight-wings.
The Thunderbolt is a reliable flyer, set at quite a hefty cost in points, the Thunderbolt has the weaponry to destroy enemy aircraft or vehicles. For extra points the Thunderbolt can be fitted with either 4 hellstirke missiles, further enhancing the role of tank-hunter, or 4 bombs giving the Thunderbolt the ability to destroy enemy infantry.
Marauder Bomber:A large, sturdily built flyer, the Marauder is bomber used to strike at any opportune target, disgorging it's massive payload of bombs upon any unfortunate enemy. With a large fuel supply and massive bomb payload the Marauder is a reliable and resilient bomber which can turn columns or infantry into bloody pieces.
The Marauder is kitted out with a large payload of 12 bombs, each of which uses the massive Apocalypse Barrage Template. The Marauder is used for bombing runs, with plenty of Infantry killing power the Marauder should prove to be the bane of any horde army. But, if you need some Power Armoured troops killed you can swap the entire payload of 12 ordinary bombs and instead take 2 Hellstorm bombs. The Marauder also comes with a twin-linked Lascannon and 2 twin-linked Heavy Bolters.


Stompa:A massive, ramshackle, walking fortress, a Stompa is the peak of any Big Mek's wild creations and are seen as walking idols dedicated to Gork. Stompa's are fierce, unpredicatble machines whose mere outline in the distance sends shockwaves of dread through all lowly troopers alike. To face a Stompa is to face the fury of the Ork tide.
The Stompa, like most Super Heavy walkers is armed with a plethora of powerful weapons, and the Stompa is no exception as it is armed with the following: Deth Kannon with co-axial supa-gatler, Supa-skorcha, twin-linked Big Shoota, 2 Big Shootas', 3 supa-rokkits, 1 Titan close combat weapon. I'm sure now that all of you Ork players will be jumping up and down uncontrollably, but wait there's more. As the Stompa is seen as a Idol to Gork, any Orks within 12" inches of the Stompa become fearless, plus the Stompa has a transport capacity of 20. However, the armour value is quite weak, but having a few structure points makes up for this, but heck, who cares it's cool!
Big Mek's Stompa:Many Big Mek's make there own personal Stompas', much like how an aspiring Nob would don his armour with warpaint, apply horns to it's helmet or itself, or mount a trophy rack upon it's back, Big Mek's show there might buy building the biggest, meanest Stompa around. Big Mek Stompa's almost always follow the basic principles of building a Stompa, but buy distinguishing there "from da' rest" they may add trophy racks, unique weapons or fearsome warpaint. Either way a Big Mek Stompa is even more deadly than a regular Stompa.
A Big Mek's Stompa is much like a regular Stompa, the only exceptions being a increase in points, different weapons and power fields. The Big Mek's Stompa has the following weapons: Deth Kannon with co-axial gigashoota, lifta-droppa, gaze of mork, 2 Big Shootas', 3 Supa-rokkits. The Big Mek Stompa also grants the fearless ability to nearby Orks and has a transport capacity of 20.
Fighta Bommer:Ork Fighta Bommers have little, or no purpose on the battlefield, only to zoom around at 100's of miles per hour, whizzing between dog-fights and hammering the guns at ground forces. Fighta Bommers are armed with anything, thus they serve no role, only to be "fasta den da rest."
As the description indicates, they have such a variety of weapons that no single role is distinguishable. It's has Big Shootas', Supa-Rokkits' and Bomms. Fighta Bommers are just plain crazy and should never hold back the laughing during a battle.
Skullhamma Battle Fortress:The Battle Fortress is a popular project for the serious Big Mek to indulge in, vast, hulking, smoke belching tanks that tend to find themselves inducted into Speed Freek Clanz. They combine insane speed with heavy armour and powerful weaponry.
The Skullhamma is a fast Super Heavy Tank, a rare and potent combination. The Skullhamma counts as having the following weaponry: Skullhamma Kannon, 2 twin-linked Big Shootas', 1 Kannon or Lobba. The Skullhamma may also take up to 3 Supa-rokkit's and or replace it's twin-linked Big Shootas' with twin-linked Rokkit Launchas'. The Skullhamma counts as being open topped and has a transport capacity of 30. The Skullhamma is a unit designed to be inducted into Speed Freek armies, with resilient armour and powerful weaponry the Skullhamma should prove to be a very nasty tank indeed.
Gargantuan Squiggoth:The Squiggoth is a behemoth of a beast, favoured by Feral Orks and the Snakebite clan, Squiggoths can grow to become bigger than tanks and even buildings! Like living, raging fortresses, Squiggoths stomp through the enemy in a fit of bestial rage either against the enemy shooting at it, or it's Ork occupant's weapons fire.
The Gargantuan Squiggoth is a real monster, with monster stats to go with! They really do emphasize the 'gargantuan' a lot. Armed with 2 Supa-Lobbas', 2 twin-linked Big Shootas' and the ability to take 4 extra Big Shootas' and the capacity to carry 20 models, the Squiggoth is a walking fortress!


Revenant Titan:The Revenant Titan is the smallest, yet the most quick and agile Eldar Titan known. Combining lightning-quick speed with methodical precision and powerful weaponry, the Revenant is like a ghost upon the enemy, striking then retreating, avoiding up-close fights that Imperial Titans are more accustomed to.
The Revenant Titan is fast, with the ability to move 36" inches per turn and fire it's weapons, it really does put across how quick and methocial the Eldar are. The Revenant is armed with the following: 2 Pulsars or 2 Sonic Lances, 1 Revenant Missile Launcher.


Hierophant Bio-Titan:
A huge and terrifying creature, the Hierophant is the largest ground based Tyranid Organism encountered yet. A near unstoppable engine of death, the Hierophant has rivalled Titans and Armies alike by itself, let alone supporting a full blown Tyranid attack!
The Hierophant is a Gargantuan creature with a massive array of weaponry and a very impressive stat line, of course this does not come cheap as the Hierophant costs a lot of points! The Hierophant counts as being armed with the following: 2 Bio-cannons, Spore cloud, Scything talons, Lash whip, Regenerate, Toxic Miasma. The Hierophant truly is the meanest beast in Apocalypse.
Barbed Hierodule:Once a beast feared for it's ability to crush anything in close combat, now the Hierodule has evolved and now sports Bio-Cannons to further accomplish it's dreadful roles.
The Barbed Hierodule is a Gargantuan Creature armed with the following: 1 pair of Scything Talons, 2 Bio-cannons. A powerful and deadly organism, once again the Hive Mind has spawned a truly evil and beast like monster.

Forces of Chaos

Plaguereaper of Nurgle:Once a proud and gallant Baneblade in the service of the Emperor, now the Plaguereaper is in the service of Lord Nurgle, the master of disease and contagion. A shambling, corroded, stinking tank is all that remains of the once great vehicle, spewing forth pestilence from the maw of it's disease fuelled Pus Cannon, the Plaguereaper is one of the many vehicles that where even a whisper of it's name will spread panic and dread within a instant.
The Plaguereaper is basically a Baneblade, the only exceptions being the Pus Cannon which fires the "Hellstorm" template (A gigantic flame template!) Also the Plaguereaper is infested with nurglings, who will attack any unit that dares to assault such a revered vehicle of Lord Nurgle. Plus, when the Plaguereaper is destroyed it sprays massive amounts of deadly filth, the only ones who are immune to this toxic explosion are units marked by Nurgle himself.
Brass Scorpion of Khorne:Lord Khorne favours and enjoys watching his Daemon Engines spill blood in his name, but none so more as the Brass Scorpions. Forged from pure Brass, and fused with the most crazed of Khornes' Daemons, the Brass Scorpion is a Daemon Engine of unimaginable carnage, rending tanks and troops apart with it's mighty claws and Scorpion cannon.
The Brass Scorpion is the Daemon Engine to end all Daemon Engines. Not only is the Scorpion possessed, but also it is immune to all psychic attacks and even wounds psykers if they dare to use powers against it. The Scorpion also has a 12" inch charge range like a Beast, but also it's Scorpion cannon has the potential to kill a entire Space Marine Tactical Squad! (If you're dice rolls are good enough.) The Brass Scorpion of Khorne is armed with the following: 1 Scorpion Cannon, 2 Hellmaw Cannons, 1 Demolisher Cannon.

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