Defence of the Felos Chapel

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Felos Tertius, an hour before dawn...
Peregrin looked at the Sisters Repentia, and and chuckled to himself.
"What?" asked Jericho, looking up from polishing his longsword.
"The Sisters... the penitent ones... you can just feel the sin washing off them can't you?" he smirked evily.
Jericho shared the smirk, "oh yes, just looking at them gives me heretical thoughts."
The two men laughed, which drew the attention of Mistress Selina.
"Have neither of you any shame?"
"We aren't the ones running around stark bollock naked."
This voice was a third warrior, female, about forty years old, with three parallel scars running up her forhead, and through her ash-grey hair.
She cocked her head slightly, "in a manner of speaking that is."
Selina stared fiercely at the newcomer, "watch your tongue, Evadian, or else you will be next to answer for your heresy."
Lise nodded slightly, smiling all the time. As the Mistress turned to leave she added, "but come near me with those whips and I'll break your arms off and f*ck you with them."
*  *  *
The Astartes were coming.
The words bounced from mouth to mouth, but the questions of "when?" and "how many?" went unanswered.
Inquisitor Angan was concerned. He had recruited all available troops for the defence of the Chapel against the oncoming Traitors, but all he could muster was the local Sororitas Mission, some fanatics who were hell-bent on self-flagellation, and an Evadian taskforce that were cut off from the main Imperial push.
Everyone was wound tight, and the Evadians weren't helping. Already there had been fighting, and two priests were nursing bruises and sporting concussions. Eventually, Angan decided to just assign them a section and leave them alone. It was working so far; no-one else had been injured.
Unfortunately, the Sisters, particularly Mistress Selina, were determined to exact vengeance for what they deemed as outright betrayal of the Imperial Creed. Angan knew it would all go wrong... he just hoped he could hold them all together until the Astartes arrived to clean up.
Donning his traditional witch-finder hat, and checking the clip of his bolt pistol, he stepped out into the ruined cityscape.
 Gunfire erupted from the ruins.
It was sporadic and random, peppering the sandback defences in a ceaseless tide of bullets and las.
Jazon settled himself against the sandbags, and donned his traditional fusilier goggles. Taking aim with the Long-Las, he panned across to a chattering Heavy Stubber, and silenced the mutant using it. A second moved to replace him, and also fell.
"One gun silenced," he muttered, seeking a new target.
Further along, upon the steps of the chapel, the air shook at thirty Bolters roared in unison, obliterating the first wave of mutants that were charging down the highway. A moment later, the twin auto-defences kicked in, spraying heavy bolter fire into the hoard.
Angan ducked as a rocket whistled overhead, and returned fire, striking the ammo-hauler and blowing the team apart. He risked a glance at his bodyguards, who were struggling to hold back the tide.
"Assault troops! We need assault troops here, now!"
Twelve Evadians answered the call. Dropping into cover, they ditched their Lasguns and drew swords. Some sported pistols as well, but many carried shields, some a second blade. The look in their eyes was one of barely-suppressed joy, like a child waiting to unwrap his Ascention Day present.
With a roar, they leapt. The Mutants hit them in a tide of filth, and were cut down. The warriors pushed on, blades slashing, pistols blazing, killing every foe within reach. The combat-Servitor followed soon after, accompanied by Teth and Sayros, the two Cyber-Gladiators. Glad of the respite, Angar pulled back to the Sisters, and began to arrange covering fire.
With a hiss of servos, the war machines of the Ecclesiarchy strode out of the Chapel. The Sisters parted, allowing the Fusilant a good firing position. Both arms of the machine sported a cluster of three Heavy Stubbers, and two Stormbolters rotated on mini-turrets mounted on either shoulder, operated by Mind Impulse Uplink. With a fierce roar, the guns opened up. The hoard halted, battered by the sheer weight of fire. Momentum drove them onwards, but each new man was killed before he could pass the body of the previous attacker. Selina noted the change, and ordered two squads to break off, and support the flanks.
The mutants continued their attack...

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