Sisters of Battle Versus Tau

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As I mentioned earlier I went to a tourney today with a 1500 point Eldar army however at the end of the tourney I decided to play a 1850 point game against the New Tau Empire Codex. The army lists are below:

Sisters of Battle Army List

1 x Canoness
 -Blessed Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Litanies of Faith, BoStLucious, Auspex
1xCelestian Squad (5 Sisters)
 -Meltagun x2
 -Immolator TL-HB, SL, x-armor, Blessed Ammunition
 -Bolter Stake Crossbow, Force Weapon
 -Callidus Assassin
2x Sisters of Battle Squads (9 Models + VSS)
 -Flamers x2, VSS w/Bolter-Flamer
 -Rhino x-armor, SL
2x Dominion Squads (9 Models + VSS)
 -Stormbolters x4, VSS w/Stormbolter
 -Rhino x-armor, SL
1x Retributor Squad (4 Models + VSS)
 -Heavy Bolters x4, VSS w/Stormbolter
2x Exorcists x-armor

Tau Empire Army List (might be off with the actual models)

1x Shas'o w/body guard
1x Crisis Suit (2 drones)
6x Stealth Suits
3x Firewarrior Teams (12 Firewarriors)
1x Pathfinder Team (8 Pathfinders)
1x Ion Head
1x Broadside (2 Drones)
1x Tau Vehicle VDR (2x Fusion Guns, 2x Burst Cannons, 2x Plasma Guns, Skimmer, Target Lock... it was about 205 pts)


The table was 48"x48" and I had a building in my right corner and another on my left ontop of a hill. As you can see from the pictures I set up one Exorcist behind the building so no one could draw LOS and my second was surrounded by the rhinos. In the ruins on the left I deployed one of my Dominion Squads and my retributors went on top of the building on my right. Everyone started dismounted in case I lost first turn.
The Tau deployed their firewarriors in the middle of the table with the single crisis suit on top of the hill and the broadside behind it. The HQ deployed in the forest on my left next to the ion head and the devil fish on my far right.
The pathfinders used their scout move to move up my right flank to the building where they deployed their cargo.

Turn 1

The Tau won the roll to go first and started the turn by moving the pathfinders into the building on my far right. The Crisis HQ jumped out of the forest while the Tau VDR and Ion Head maneuvered into shooting range.
The Tau shooting was quite light surprisingly and resulted in the deaths of a single Veteran Sister and 2 Dominion Sisters from the squad on the right

Sister Casualties

  • 1x VSS
  • 2x Dominion Sisters

Sisters Turn 1

Both battle sister squads mounted up and moved 12" forward popping smoke from their rhinos. The other vehicles and sister squads moved 6" forward to get LOS to the Tau soldiers while both Dominion Squads ran forward clicking the safetys off their storm bolters. The Exorcist on the right moved out from behind cover to target the ion head while the one on the left moved up 6" to draw a bead on the pathfinder devilfish.
The shooting was quite effective. The Ionhead exploding showering the nearby Tau with shrapnel as a result of numerous Exorcist missile strikes and managed to kill 1 Stealth Suit and 1 Drones off the HQ squad. The pathfinder Devilfish suffered the same fate as a result of the second Exorcist on the Left and killed another pathfinder. The retributors eliminated 6 of the Tau warriors on the hill while the Dominion Squad on the right killed off another 2. The Immolator fired at the pathfinders in the building killing 3 of them due to blessed ammunition

Tau Casualties

  • 1x Ion head
  • 1x Devilfish
  • 4x Pathfinders
  • 8x Fire Warriors
  • 1x Drones
  • 1x Stealth Suit

Tau Turn 2

The Tau suits moved 6" forward to shoot while the VDR vehicle moved 6" further again. Everything else stood still to shoot. The Tau shooting was better this turn, despite the 2x rhinos popping smoke both were destroyed on glancing rolls of 6. Sisters casualties were light however with no losses on the left rhino and only 2 on the right rhino. Both units were entangled and could do nothing next turn.
The rest of the Tau shooting resulted in 2 more Dominions Killed and 3 casualties on the entangled rhino squad on the right. The Tau Broadside failed to penetrate the right most Exorcist despite hitting it squarely with its shell.

Sisters Casualties

  • 2x Rhinos
  • 2x Dominion Sisters
  • 5x Battle Sisters

Sisters Turn 2

The Callidus failed to show up (unfortunately) so on to moving. Everything moved up 6" again that could move and I had pretty much a clear LOS to everything on the board
Shooting wasn't as spectacular as my first turn. My immolator managed to dig out 2 move pathfinders from the building leaving them with 2 models. My dominion squad on the right side killed another leaving the sole pathfinder by himself. My left exorcist fired at the HQ crisis team and killed the remaining HQ drones. The right most Exorcist fired at the Broadside obliterating him. The rest of the shooting resulted in a few more dead fire warriors from all 3 squads

Tau Casualties

  • 3x Pathfinders
  • 1x Broadside
  • 2x HQ Drones
  • 8x Fire Warriors

Tau Turn 3

The pathfinder passed his man alone test (damn it) and the VDR vehicle moved forward again. Everything else remained stationary to shoot.
With no anti-tank really left on the board my opponent focussed on the infantry squads. All 3 fire Warrior squads, the Crisis Suit and gun drones vaporized the small entangled rhino sister squad on the right to the last girl. The VDR vehicle fired at the now 6 sister Dominion Squad but due to SotM I saved every hit. The Crisis HQ jumped out and shot down 3 of the battle sisters in the entangled left rhino squad but nothing else

Sisters Casualties

  • 4x Battle Sisters (right rhino squad)
  • 3x Battle Sisters (left rhino squad)

Sisters Turn 3

The Callidus assassin appeared and I placed her next to the Crisis HQ team. The left most Exorcist moved up on the hill while the one on the right stayed put to shoot the VDR vehicle. The Cannoness with retinue moved up into cover within melta range of the VDR vehicle while the rest of the squads each moved 6" forward along with the vehicles
Shooting began with the left Exorcist killing 2 Stealth Suits while the Right Exorcist Immobilized and stunned the Tau VDR. Wanting to finish it off the Cannoness retinue fired both meltaguns both penetrated the tank destroying it. The right Dominion squad shot down 1 of the single Crisis suit drones while the rest of the sisters accounted for only 4 fire warriors. The Callidus Assassin with her neural shredder killed 1 of the HQ crisis suits but failed to wound the others. In the assault phase the Callidus charged the Tau HQ and managed to kill another body guard leaving the Shas'o out of base to base contact. Passing his leadership he piled in.

Tau Casualties

  • 2x Stealth Suits
  • 1x Tau VDR tank
  • 1x Drone
  • 4x Fire Warriors
  • 2x Crisis Suit HQ

Tau Turn 4

The Tau moved everything back 6" trying to get away from the advancing sisters. The Shas'o, engaged in combat could do nothing but face the Imperial Assassin. The lone pathfinder failed his man alone and fell back
Tau shooting was not very effective and inflicted only a single wound on the the sisters In the assault phase my assassin jumped back 6" and the Shas'o consolidated into the forest.

Sisters Casualties

  • 1x Battle Sister

Sisters Turn 4

By this time things were looking very bad for the Tau and my arms were getting tired of moving everything so I stood my ground and just shot.
Shooting went very well. The Exorcist on the left wiped out the last 3 Stealth suits while the combination of heavy bolters, storm bolters and bolters eliminated every remaining fire warrior on the table. The shas'o fell to 38 bolter shots and 10 wounds leaving only the single crisis suit, drone and fleeing pathfinder on the table

Tau Casualties

  • 3x Stealth Suits
  • 15x Fire Warriors
  • 1x Shas'o

Tau Turn 5

With only 3 models left on the board my opponent moved straight to the shooting phase while his pathfinder kept falling back.
The Tau shooting was dismal and managed to only kill 1 dominion sister

Sisters Casualties

  • 1x Dominion Sister

Sisters Turn 5

My dominion squad moved forward 6" while everything else either stood still or moved to gain LOS to the 3 remaining models.
The 5 Dominions with storm bolters gunned down the fleeing Tau while both Exorcists opened up on the Crisis Suit and drone leaving nothing but the melted remains of Tau Technology. Leaving me in complete control of the battlefield


Sisters win by massacre.


This was my first time playing against the new Tau codex and I am not really sure if the result was an accurate example of the new dex. The heavy bolters were a nice addition to the force nullify the Tau saves and the blessed ammunition on the immolator was great for digging the pathfinders out of cover.
It seems to me that the new Tau dex has increased the points of the Tau for his army looked small, this could also be because of his 200+ point vehicle which really didn't do much the whole game other then kill a few sisters.
I also noticed that my opponent did not take multi trackers on his tank which allowed me to penetrate them quite easily as they were not moving as fast tanks, I am not sure what he was thinking.
Overall it was enjoyable but near the end I started to feel sorry for him as he moved his two models and I moved my 40.

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