Sisters of Battle Versus Imperial Guard

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Hello, I played a 1500 point battle with my sisters of battle against an Imperial Guard force. My opponent had just finished playing against the Tau and its Greater Good which is the synopsis behind this battle. The Cadian Regiment, returning home from its encounter with the Xeno Tau expected a welcoming home parade from the citizens of Cadia. Their reception was anything but what they expected, instead of millions of citizens welcoming them home as hereos they were met by an Inquisition force from the Adeptas Soriortas. The Inquisition believed the encounter between the Cadians and the Tau exposed the loyalist regiment to doctrine contrary to the Imperium and in their absence excommunicated the Regiment for heresy. The regiments colors would be stripped, the soldiers interrogated and any hint of heresy would be wiped out from the survivors.

Sisters of Battle Force - 1500 points

1x Cannoness-PW, PP, BoSL, MB2x Sisters of Battle Squads (10 Sisters)-VSS (Bolter-Flamer, CCW)-Flamers x2-Rhino (EA, SL)-reinforced armor1x Sisters of Battle Squad (20 Sisters)-VSS (Bolter-Flamer, CCW)2x Dominion Squads (10 Sisters)-VSS (Storm Bolter, CCW)-Storm Bolter x4-Rhino (EA, SL)-spaced armor2x Exorcists (EA)

Cadian Regiment - 1500 Points (Roughly)

1x Comman Squad-HSO, Medic, Plasma Gunner x2, Master Vox2x Infantry Platoons (3 Squads)1x Ant-tank Squad (3 Lascannons)1x Spec Weapon Squad (3 Snipers)1x Basilisk1x Laser Tank Destroyer


(This is written from my perspective). I lost the roll for deployment and had to start first. The way we do it at our club is that each player takes a turn placing a model from the organization chart. If a player doesn't have a component then the other player deploys all their choices before moving on to the next category. Heavy, Troop, Elite, HQ and Fast Attack in that orderFrom the picutres you can see that I had two buildings in my deployment zone. I used the one on my left to hide one of my Exorcists behind and deployed the rest of my rhinos around my second Exorcist. I deployed both battle sister squads and one of my dominion squads on the left flank while my large foot slogging squad led by the Cannoness took the middle with my second Dominion squad supporting my right flankMy opponent deployed 1 Infantry Squad with Autocannons in the bunker on my left, both Platoon HQs and Regiment HQs in the middle supported by 3 more infantry squads to the right of them. The Tank Destroyer was behind the middle infantry and another 2x infantry squad, anti-tank squad and special weapon squad were deployed in the building on my right flank. The Basilisk was hidden behind the building on the right[gal_img]918[/gal_img]

IG Turn 1

The IG won the roll to go first and the game began. My opponent moved both platoon HQ's on my left forward 6" supported by 1 of the 3 infantry squads holding the middle. Everything else stood still and we moved to the shooting phaseThe shooting phase did not go well for the IG commander. The Basilisk fired indirectly at the Battle Sister squad located on my left at the front. The round scattered backwards and settled onto the Exorcist hidden behind them to their left but failed to penetrate the Sisters tank. The Laser Tank Destroyer fired at the Dominions Rhino and destroyed it with a roll of a "5" (Because I am anal about scratching my paint I turn destroyed vehicles around). On the right flank the second Dominion rhino was immobilized by lascannon fire. The rest of the IG shooting resulted in only 1 more casualties


1x Rhino Destroyed 1x Rhino Immobilized 1x Battle Sister[gal_img]925[/gal_img]

Sisters Turn 1

I felt I got off lucky by suffering only 2 casualties despite all the IG shooting. Even with a toughness of 3, the power armor comes through and prevented a lot of losses.I started the turn off by mounting up both battle sister squads and racing them forward 12", one squad angled for the IG squad holed up in the bunker while the second squad headed for the forest directly in front of them. The Dominion Squad on the left, lacking its Rhino ran forward 6" towards the forest but to the right of it slightly while the Dominion on the right moved 4" through the difficult terrain but failed to clear the ruins. The large foot slogging unit moved forward 6" lead by the Cannoness to the right of the refinery plant. Both Exorcists moved up 6" beside the wrecked rhino and were able to get a line of sight to the IG Tank Destroyer.In the shooting phase I had limited targets and despite hitting the Tank Destroyer with 5 missiles between the two exorcists I managed only 1 penetrating hit and with a roll of a "1" stunned the crew (this would become my fate). The rest of armies shooting accounted for only 3 Guardsman from the infantry squad near the forest however I did manage to remobilize my Dominion Rhino on the right flank


3x Guardsmen[gal_img]926[/gal_img]

IG Turn 2

The only models to move this turn were the platoon HQs, Command HQ and the 7 man strong infantry squad near the forest on my left.The shooting phase went better for the IG this turn. They started off destroying the remobilized rhino belonging to the Dominion Squad on the right flank. A sister from the large mob fell to combined fire of 2x infantry squads, and the spec weapon sniper team on the right flank. The Basilisk fired again striking the Exorcist on the right shaking the tank and preventing it from firing next turn. The Dominion Squad holding the middle suffered the most casualties losing 3 battle sisters to the combined fire power of 3x infantry squads holding the middle. The rest of the IG army blased away at the Rhinos advancing towards them but were unable to penetrate the armored hulls.


4x Battle Sisters 1x Rhino[gal_img]927[/gal_img]

Sisters Turn 2

I started the turn by moving my rhino with the battle sisters in it up 12" before deploying them in front of the bunker on the left flank. The Battle Sisters in the second Rhino by the forets moved up the full 12" as well before deploying out the back and left side. My shaken Exorcist moved 12" to the right out of sight of the Tank Destroyer which had popped smoke last turn while the second Exorcist moved 6" up the left flank drawing a bead on the Guard moving through the forest. The Dominion Squad in the middle moved up closer to the forest while the Dominon Squad on the right flank moved only another 4" through the difficult terrain closer to the IG's left flank while the large Battle Sister Squad moved another 6" forward.The shooting phase went very well. The three flamers in the Battle Sister Squad attacking the bunker, combined with the rapid fire of the bolters eliminated the 10 man infantry squad entirely. The second Battle Sister Squad near the forest also opened up with their 3 Flamers and bolters eliminating the 7 man guard squad. The Exorcist on the left flank fired at the Platoon HQ hidden in the forest killing 2 while the Dominion Squad on the right flank inflicted 3 wounds on the IG anti-tank lascannon team halfing their numbers.


22x Guardsmen[gal_img]928[/gal_img]

IG Turn 3

Nothing moved and the IG prepared to unleash a torrent of fire on the sisters of battleThe Basilisk launcher another shell high into the air towards the Exorcist along my deployment zone. Despite having no line of sight the round landed true and the Exorcist was destroyed. The infantry squads and command/platoon HQ's in the middle opened up on the Battle Sister squad closest to them and killed 6 of the valient women, the remaining 4 faced with the unrelenting firepower of the guardsmen tactically withdrew towards their own lines. The Tank Destroyer targeted the Rhino on the left flank destroying it and along with the explosion killed 2 sisters near the bunker while the IG on the right flank managed to kill 3 more Battle Sisters from the large squad.


1x Exorcist 1x Rhino 11x Battle Sisters[gal_img]929[/gal_img]

Sisters Turn 3

The turn started miserably as I failed to rally the 4 women squad and they fell back another 5" despite using light of the emperor. The Battle Sisters on the left flank moved 6" across my opponents deployment zone to within range of the HQ's in the forest while the Dominion Squad moved 6" around the forest also within range of the HQ units in the woods. The only surviving Exorcist on the left flank moved up the flank to get line of sight to the Destroyer. The Rhino in the middle moved 6" forward in front of the IG infantry squad in front of it while the Dominion Squad on the right flank and the large battle squad moved another 6" forward.Shooting went quite well. The Exorcist started off scoring 4 hits against the Destroyer and penetrated with 1. However history repeated itself as I promptly rolled another "1" for effect stunning the vehicle again.Article image
 The battle sister squad in my opponents deployment zone activated the triggers on their flamers again, this time their focus was the Regiments HQ unit and promptly killed 3 of the command squad and inflicted 2 wounds on the HSO and leaving the Vox Caster alive. The Dominions on the opposite side of the forest fired on the remnants of the command squad but could only kill the Vox caster leaving the HSO an IC. The rhino in the middle fired its storm bolter at the Infantry Squad in front of it and killed off 1 guardsmen. The Dominion Squad on the right flank opened fire on the Missile launcher infantry squad on the right flank killing 2 guardsmen while the large battle squad opened fire on the autocannon infantry squad killing 4 guardsmen in the building.


11x Guardsmen[gal_img]930[/gal_img]

IG Turn 4

The only movement by the IG was to move the 3 man remnant of a platoon HQ in the forest and the HSO who moved closer to the 7 Woman Battle Sister squad located in their deployment zone.The shooting phase started with the Basilisk shooting its Earthshaker at the remaining Exorcist and once again the Crews aim was on target pentrating the tank and destroying the ancient missile system but leaving the crew alive. The missile launcher team in the middle fired their Krak Missile at the Dominion Squad in the middle destroying one of the warrior women. While the Command HQ, Platoon HQ and autocannon infantry squad fired on the Battle Sister squad in their deployment zone reducing the squad to only 4 women. The Lacannon team on the right flank destroyed the Rhino below them eliminating the last of the Sisters transports while the sniper squad and the remaining 2 infantry squads on the right flank killed 3 more battle sisters from the large mob.In the assault phase both HQ units charged the battle sisters who despite successfully using the passion failed to inflict any wounds on the guardsmen. In return the HSO power sword and JO power fist killed all but 1 battle sister causing her to flee from the combat 5", the IG consolidated 3" back towards the forest


11x Battle Sisters 1x Rhino[gal_img]931[/gal_img]

Sisters Turn 4

I used light of the Emperor again and managed to rally the 4 women Battle Sister squad and moved them forward 6" again while the single battle sister on the left flank fell back another 4". I moved the weaponless Exorcist behind the forest in the middle out of line of sight of every Guard weapon while the Dominion Squad forward again 6" keeping the pressure on the Guard while the large battle squad and right flank Dominions moved another 6" forward closer to the last guard hold out.The shooting phase began with my lone battle sister on the left flank rapid firing at the 3 man platoon HQ near the forest managing to kill 1 of the guardsmen and causing the other 2 to flee. The Dominion squad in the middle fired their storm bolters at the larger infantry squad in the middle containing an autocannon and managed to kill 3 of the humans while the right flank Battle Squad of 10 sisters fired at the ground floor autocannon infantry squad killing the reamining 6 guardsmen while the Dominion Squad on the right flank killed 3 infantry from the missile squad on the right flank.


13x Guardsmen[gal_img]932[/gal_img]

IG Turn 5

Due to the Cadian Iron Discipline my opponent managed to rally his platoon HQ although they couldn't move or shoot. The HSO moved 6" away from the advancing sisters while everyone else stood fast. The Basilisk moved 12" away from behind the building fearing that the advancing Dominions carried melta bombs or perhaps getting a rear shot on the back armor.The shooting phase did not go well for the IG, with only the spec weapon squad yet to take damage the IG firepower was severly depleted. Due to some incredibly bad rolling for the AP 3 weapons and some great armor saves the IG were only able to bring down 2 Battle Sisters from the middle squad and the Large mob


2x Battle Sister[gal_img]919[/gal_img]

Sisters Turn 5

My lone sister on the left flank fell back again 7" effectively taking her out of the game. The Dominion squad and battle sister squad in the middle of the board moved forward another 6" while the large battle sister squad moved up to the left of the building on the right flank in my opponents deployment zone. The Cannoness split off from the squad and moved 6" towards the now exposed Basilisk while the Dominions on the right flank moved another 6" forward but to the right of the building.The 10x Sister Dominion Squad on the right flank fired 20 bolter rounds into the infantry squad with the missile launcher on the right flank eliminating them to the last man. The 9 Sister large mob to the left of the building rapid fired at the lascannon team on top of the building and wiped out the 3 remaining anti-tank guns. The Dominion Squad and 4 woman Battle Sister squad in the middle killed another 4x guardsmen holding the middle of the field and the HSO. The Cannoness fired her single plasma pistol shot at the Basilisk but failed to penetrate the armor.


13x Guardsmen 1x HSO[gal_img]920[/gal_img]

IG Turn 6

With only 3 squads left on the board and a 2 man command squad my opponents turn was going to be rather quick. He moved his 2 man HQ forward towards the Dominions while moving his Laser Tank Destroyer to my Left towards the left flank. The Basilisk remained still to shoot.I used SotM on the Cannoness and Battle Squad on the right flank and we went to the shooting phase. The Combined fire power of the 2 infantry squads and the platoon HQ managed to kill 2 sisters from the Dominion Squad holding the middle while the Basilisk Earthshaker fell on top of the Battle Sister Squad to the left of hte building and caught the Cannoness in its blast. Despite 3 wounds I managed to make all 3 invulnerable saves and the squad emerged unscathed. The Tank Destroyer missed its main gun shot and its storm bolter rounds bounced off the armor of the battle sisters.


2x Dominion SistersGallery image

Sisters Turn 6

The Battle Squad and Dominion Squad move 6" forward up the middle while the Cannoness moved closer to the Basilisk along with the Right Flank Battle Sister squad. The Dominion Squad on the right flank moved up further to the right of the building and the Exorcist kept hidden behind the forest.The shooting phase went well. The 3x Sister Dominion squad shot the missile team hiding in the wreckage of the space craft in the middle of the table killing all but the Sgt and causing him to flee. The 4x Sister Battle Squad fired at the remaining platoon HQ killing the 2 remaining models. The Cannoness fired at the Basilisk and penetrated it with her plasma gun and then rolled a 1 for effect stunning the tank. The 10x Sister Dominion Squad on the right flank fired at the 6 man sniper team eliminating them all in a hail of 20 bolter shots.In the Assault phase my Cannoness charged the Basilisk and clamped on a melta bomb, rolling a 14 for penetration I promptly rolled another 1 again stunning the tank.


8x Guardsmen[gal_img]922[/gal_img]

IG Turn 7

With only a single squad left on the board my opponent just skipped to shooting and concentrated everything on the 4x Woman Battle Sister Squad in the middle of the table killing 3 of them. I passed my LD check for the VSS now aloneIn the Assault phase an interesting question came up. The previous turn my Cannoness charged the Basilisk and stunned it, during this turn my opponent could not move the Basilisk out of combat and we wondered if I still got my attack since I was still in base to base with the tank. We felt I did so I rolled again for the melta bombs, penetrated the tank and rolled another 1 for effectArticle image
 stunning the tank for a third time.


3x Battle Sisters[gal_img]923[/gal_img]

Sisters Turn 7

I passed my man alone test for the VSS and once again everyone moved forward 6" towards the last remaining infantry squad on the table. The Cannoness moved to the side of the Basilisk hoping the side armor would give her better results.The shooting phase was pretty uneventful. My Dominions opened fire at the remaining 4 man IG squad killing 3 of them and leaving the flamer soldier alive. The VSS fired at the retreating Sgt and managed to pierce his flak armor with 2 bolter rounds finishing off the fleeing soldier.The Cannoness fired her plasma again into the Basilisk, penetrated it and rolled another 1 to stun it.Article image
In the assault phase my 3x Dominion Sisters charged the lone flamer model and chopped him down in close combat. My cannoness placed another melta bomb onto the Basilisk, rolled a 16 to penetrate and then promptly rolled another 1 for effect stunning the tank for the 6 or 7th timeArticle image
The game ended at this point.[gal_img]924[/gal_img]


With only 2 tanks left on the battle field we added up the VP and I won by 300 or so giving me a solid victory and prolonging my winning streak.


It is sort of hard to pick a MVP of the game only because nothing really did spectacular. The Exorcists are usually gold for me but in this game I think they killed only 2 guardsmen and stunned the Tank Destroyer 1 time before either being destroyed or having the weapon knocked off. The Battle Sisters with 3x Flamers and rhinos were very effective of disrupting the guard lines. Giving me the ability to cover 24" in basically 2 turns put me in amongst their lines where the flamers took their toll and once again proved to be one of the best weapons the Sisters have at their disposal. The 20 woman sister squad proved very effective for soaking up casualties while slowly advancing across the table while the ability of Storm Bolter equipped sisters to move 6" yet fire 2 shots 24" allowed to effectively put 10 bolter shots down range a turn while keeping mobile.Overall it was a fun game but I couldn't believe how many 1's I rolled on the penetration chart. It became funny and frustrating by the end of the game as I just couldn't destroy either of the two vehicles.I hope you guys liked the report and enjoyed reading it and were able to in some way see why the game was so fun.

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