Necron Unit Tactica: Flayed Ones

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One thing we all know, is the resilience of the Necrons and their ability to really dish out some hideous firepower while absorbing more than most would imagine. However, aside from all of that, what about Necrons fighting Missions? We don't hear a lot about Necrons taking Mission based game home, or banking tournaments and I wondered why. I figured most Necron players I've played, were always on the offense basically and always just lumping together and attacking-not really paying attention to the mission objectives. And I can see how it may be difficult to get units into mission objectives quickly, without a few key units in the list. So I figured, I'd sit down and take a look at a way to perhaps spark some ideas for taking a mission approach to a Necron Unit which I rarely ever see used-Flayed Ones.

~ Why Flayed Ones? ~

Flayed Ones are special in that they do something that other Necron units do not, so let's look at some easy to follow Pros & Cons on them, with the concept of mission objectives in mind-not just raw killing.


  • Elite slot on the chart-not always filled even in very large games.
  • Small squad sizes-perfect for making great scoring units.
  • They follow the Necron Special Rules-We'll Be Back!
  • They're stat-line wise, an assault marine practically. Very solid assault unit.
  • Infiltration-setting up on the board without the rest can be handy in missions.
  • May always deep strike-now this is handy in missions for objective acquisition.
  • They have "Move Through Cover" so that they can quickly do their jobs in terrain after deep strike.
  • May do all that without the use of a Veil of Darkness or Monolith.
In summation, for missions, the Flayed Ones are actually quite a good unit. If you consider a 4 man team only costs 72 points, we're looking at a very small price for a scoring unit, which can hold objectives, quickly be placed where we need themno matter what via infiltration or deepstrike (which always works!) without the aid of other more expensive units like Lords & Monoliths and who contribute to phase out while guarding valuable bodies (instead of hiding Warriors to guard phase out, which is a waste in a mission).


  • They have no shooting attacks.
  • They typically will be out of the protective area of a Resurrection Orb.
  • Small units are not insanely useful in close combat.
  • They move as normal infantry.
In summation, they're just a normal warrior basically, but they will not be very protected and they will typically be on their own, without shooting attacks. Without a fast movement mode, they're also pretty much stranded and may not make it to combat very fast either. So in terms of offensive power, they're not so useful in small supplies.
However, they're very useful for defense and acquisition for missions.

~ Proposed Use of Flayed Ones ~

Considering we will not have a lot of Elite choices, and we don't want to use up our Fast Attack options, limiting small mobs of Destroyers, we have a big opening here that two squads could easily fill, for cheap. Consider the following setup:
Elite: 72 points.
Necron Flayed Ones
Flayed Ones x 4
#Deep Strike
For very cheap, we have the following in terms of a scoring unit:
-With only 4 models, they become non-scoring when they only have a single model left.
-With "We'll Be Back" rolls, they absorb more than other squads of this size and caliber.
-Necron bodies that are defensive and protected for phase out; instead of Warriors.
-Multiple small unit chances; for cheap; making for two extra scoring units to the force.
-Units which do not have "attention" grabbing, like Lords & Monoliths attract.
Let's assume you take two squads like that listed above. That's a grand total of 144 points that you're adding to your list in the Elite slot, over two different squads. Consider what they now can be used for:

~ Table Quarters ~

We can always deep strike, so we can throw down 4 models which even with a relatively poor scatter, can be easy enough to still hide and keep in cover. This is a great way to, mid-game, contest or aquire a table quarter, or simply hold-out to the end with one. They can absorb a lot of fire power, except the anti-tank caliber kind, but 4 little models that do nothing but sit are far less attractive as a target than Destroyers or Warriors who are all causing grief to your opponent.

~ Pushing Back Infiltrators ~

With their own infiltration, we can effectively make fences into areas that we do not want enemy infiltrators to aquire early in deployment. This keeps anyone from setting up too close to our main bulk of the force, and to keep nasty first turn short range powerful weapons from being well within range of something we don't want to lose right away. Infiltration can be handy to literally fence off those areas, and force enemy infiltrators away. This is a handy way to quickly spread into two different areas right away, to avoid mixing with the enemy later, via deep strike if you want to keep your force closer together.

~ Objectives Near Cover ~

As they can deep strike and infiltrate, we could drop our Flayed Ones near an objective, such as a loot counter or other little trinket that we need to acquire. Flayed Ones can start in cover if it's near by and with their extra ability to move through cover quickly, we can take a small advantage to grab that counter from the safety of cover and return to it later, if we still have the chance. This would be far less likely, but valuable none the less in a heavily terrain laden board.

~ Specific Missions ~

Cleanse: Great for Gamma & Omega level games for victory point preservation and table quarter acquisition. They shine in Alpha too, since they mayalways deep strike.
Secure & Control: We can definitely take advantage of having more scoring units in Gamma & Omega level games, and also being able to quickly acquire the loot counters or be near them (or disrupt our enemy's acquisition of said loot counters). In Alpha level, again, we get deep strike always and can easily take the hard to reach counters.
Seek & Destroy: In all levels, victory points are king in this mission. Preserving scoring units while eliminating our opponent's is handy with Flayed Ones, even in Alpha level being able to quickly keep away and preserve intact units.
Recon: We can most certainly make a great use of the Recon mission, by deep striking right into their deployment zone for the quick points mid-game. Remember, the more scoring units, the more points here. We can easily take down the enemy scoring potential of fast units, while preserving our own via keeping them in reserve. In Alpha level this unit would be a real gem.
Take & Hold: Again, scoring units are the name of the game in Take & Hold with the center objective. And what better way to ensure we have scoring units there, by increasing the number of individual units who all may have "We'll be Back" rolls? We can always deep strike, and show up right on top of or near that objective, depending on who else is there and with our move through cover, move around as need by on the following turn to ensure we're close if there's adequate cover.

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