How to Use Necrons in Urban Combat

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With the new building models and rules being released to coincide with Medusa V, there's likely to be a lot of games played using the city-fighting rules. Here's my ideas on what it would be good to take, and not to take, when selecting a list for a cityfighting scenario. I haven't seen the new rules yet, but I'm assuming they'll be similar to the existing Cityfight codex.
Generally, on a city board we know that the board will be cluttered with terrain. This means that:
1. 4+ cover saves will be freely available
2. Movement for most models will be slowed
3. Lines of sight will be short - often 6 to 12 inches
With that in mind, let's look at what we've got available to us...


Lord: Obviously a nearly compulsory choice. A Destroyer Body will be a big benefit here, he can move much faster. He will be vulnerable to difficult terrain tests, but as an IC gets the Skilled Rider USR for free. The staff of light would be less useful than a Warscythe, the scythe will make him an effective tank hunter.
C'Tan: C'Tan are highly vulnerable to shooting, but the short ranges should help prevent a lot of long range anti-tank fire coming their way. They also completely ignore all terrain and have frag grenades. Cityfight boards are often 4' x 4', so their relatively slow speed will be less of an issue. The Deceiver's Grand Illusion power could be effective, the slow movement on a cityfight board makes deployment mistakes fatal and you could try to sucker the opponent into an error.


Pariahs: These guys have the big problem of vulnerabilty to shooting. A 4+ cover save could really help a lot. They're good in close combat (which is likely in a cityfight game), but slow.
Immortals: Mostly a shooting unit, Immortals suffer on a Cityfight board. Not recommended.
Flayed Ones: Flayed Ones get the Move Through Cover USR, can deep strike and infiltrate, and are CC specialists. On top of that, plenty of cover means that they will be protected from most shooting. They should get plenty of opportunity to pull off ambushes. They're also as cheap as Warriors, they'd be good value IMO. Take plenty to increase your Necron count.


Warriors: The only choice... literally. Still, should do OK in cityfight. Short ranges suit their rapid-fire weapons, and 4+ cover saves will enhance their already excellent durability. Pretty slow, but good on the defensive.
Fast Attack
Destroyers: As jetbikes, they can move very fast. Unfortunately, they're vulnerable to being killed by difficult terrain tests and the short ranges and cover saves cut into their effectiveness. Not as good as Warriors in this environment IMO.
Wraiths: Terrifying! They completely ignore all terrain, can move and assault a total of 18" no matter what, have frag grenades... Their one major vulnerability, being caught in the open by rapid fire weapons, is almost totally nullified. Take 3 squads of 3 as a matter of course.
Scarabs: Not too bad in a Cityfight scenario, if you don't own enough Wraith models to field three squads. Scarabs should usually be getting a 3+ cover save, and ignore terrain when moving. Most opponents will take as many flamers as they can in a Cityfight scenario, which makes Scarabs more vulnerable. Equip them with disruption fields and take them tank hunting, to cover the role usually taken by Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers.

Heavy Support

Heavy Destroyers: See Destroyers, above.
Monolith: Even harder to kill than usual. Short ranges will help protect it from heavy weapons; most anti-tank special weapons rely on the Melta rule to get penetration. On top of that, it will often be able to claim to Obscured Target status. On the other hand, difficult terrain can damage it and cover will help its targets against its weapons. The teleportation ability will probably prove valuable for moving Warriors around.
Tomb Spyders: Much harder to kill than usual - 4+ cover save really helps. Even slower than usual, however. Probably not worth taking - as far as hand to hand units go, Wraiths and Flayed Ones will get into combat far more easily.

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