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This is really for the new necron players out there. I'll go through each of the types of unit available, and metion what they will be good at, or whether they should not be used at all!

Necron lord.
This is the really customisable part of the army, no other unit can have wargear other than disruptor fields. It is equipped with a Staff of Light as standard, which is a nice little marine killer in both combat and ranged, but if you're up against something that has a really annoying invulnerable armour save, like a Seer council, then upgrading this weapon to a warsythe is a good idea. You will however lose the shooting ability.
When designing an army, leav a few points to spare for wargear for this guy, this will allow you to outfit him wih gear that will complement your army. Be warned, the gear is expensive, so maybe take two to make sure things go the way you plan.

Usually associated with cries of "Cheese", these are very expensive, very nasty units. In my personal opinon they should really be treated like Special Characters, and should really be brought out only for those special big games. They do however look very impressive, and thats about it. For 300 points you will gets something that is hard to kill, has a nice invulnerable save, may or not be able to shoot and has a bunch of special rules.
Be warned, these guys are ssllooww... and they cannot be sped up.
If you take them, good for you, but don't expect them to make their points back except as fire magnets.

A very spcialised unit designed for taking out low toughness models with invulnerable saves. Nice models, nice wargear, nice abilties, both ranged and close combat attacks, but not Necrons. This means that they won't be back, and they cannot be teleported. They also have a very hefty price tag, although if you use them against the right target, Terminators for example, they will reward you handsomely. CI just like the models, so I'm gonna get some sometime.

Big, tough necron warriors that have better guns. What more is there to say?

Flayed Ones.
Very grisly, they can deep strike, they can move quickly though cover for some reason, and they can be very hard to hit in combat. And they cost just as much as a normal warrior. Combined with Pariahs for the reduced Ld, this can be a tag team that will last very well in combat due to TH Definition: Thunder Hammerenemy failing their Ld tests to hit.
Very nice.

Only one option here. Warriors. These guys are one of my major gripes with the army. The unit size, 10-20, suggests a big horde army. But the points, at 18 per model, puts them in the small elite army type of unit. Hmm.
Get as many of these guys as you can,  they can take down anything eventually and they are your best defense against Phase Out. They are damn hard to get rid of, especially if you have Tomb Spiders or Resurrection orbs nearby and are the main strength of the Necron army.

Fast Attack.
A note here, all of these units move as jetbikes. This means that their save can be invulnerbale if they move 24" a turn. More to this, but copyrights and all. Lets just say live fast, die later.

3+ invulerable save. Thats all I really need to say. Fast and nasty in hand to hand. Just plain hard to get rid of. Worth the points.

Immortals with bigger guns still that can move fast.  Again, remember the turbo boost rule.

Cheap, fast and disposable. Use them to soak up fire power, sen them in advance and tie up the enemy to reduce shooting damage on your way there. These are hard to get rid of in combat and the sheer unmber of attacks can prove to be scary.
Don't underestimate what they can do with disruption fields either...

Heavy Support.
Heavy Destroyers.
Your only real ranged anti-tank weapon.
But then again, who needs it with all the Gauss weaponry? These guys are destroyers with the biggest gun yet. Make sure you have them protected otherwise they will be shot to hell and back.

This is a weird combination of vehicles, battle tank, transport and big scary looking thing all combined. Use it to deep strike if you can, it can then be used to pull big units of warriors back from the dead (gives them another chance to stand up) and within rapid-fire range of the enemy. Carefull not to block the portal with this trick though.
Not too bad on the shooting either, but I see it as a support unit mainly.

Tomb Spyders
These are good for supporting your warriors as they advance. They are good for some higher strength punch in combat as well as keeping your necrons alive. And if you haven't got anything else to do, you can make scarabs too.

In summary:
Use the warriors as your main attack units, keep them in small squads to keep them flexible,  and use all the other units to either support them on the attack, or keep the fast ones safe until the whole army is ready to attack at once.
Necrons are all about combining units for increased survavablity and hitting power, experient and find what combinations suit you, then tailor your lords to suit the army.

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