Starship Troopers (Elysian models)

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I just started collecting again after a two years break or so.
Anyhow, I got my hands on the new IG codex and also saw that Valkyries are in plastic now. That made my idea for an Elysian D-99 army possible (Imperial armour 4). I had bought before some things in preperation, such as one Valkyrie from forgeworld and around 40 Elysian troopers.

Today though I have changed my mind a bit. I am still going for the same set up, basically, with Detachment 99 Elysian, but the theme is now around Starship troopers.
As I will drop in every single squad in Valkyries I thought it would be suitable. Also the sentinells (to come later) are going to be more of a mecha thing. Marauder for those who know what they are.

Anyhow, I made a command squad, and trie do make it similar to Razaks Roughnecks.
Razak is of course the bald guy, and the black coated man is Carl Jenkins (played as a Primaris psyker, as Carl is a psyker in the movie).
The special weapons veterans in the command squad are Jonny Rico, Dizzy Florez, Ace Levy and Sugar Watkins.
The "voxcast" lookalike is my Astropath, to call in support when needed.
The two guys with cadian torsos are body guards.

And of course I had to do a Drill instructor Zim. He will be played as Sly Marbo.
Remember Zim is the guy who captures the brain single handed. One man army.

I have chosen to paint the army pretty fast. As I dont have time nowdays to spend on models. So bare with the painting.

Article image
Razaks Roughnecks and Valkyrie

Article image
Veterans and Valkyrie

Article image

Article image
Razaks Roughnecks

Article image
Veterans front

Article image
Veterans back. Added this pic to show how I will squad mark my squads. The yellow stripe with different markings for different squads.

Article image
Article image
Drill instructor Zim

Yorus Truly


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