Eldar Versus Blood Angels

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Fardyann wrote this.
Farseer Machlis from the craftworld Lantikahl considered the possibilities before him.
He knew that within these forested hills was a clearing in which nestled an old Mon keigh installation that was crucial to the coming battle. He also knew that beyond the trees on the other side of the clearing was an approaching force of Blood Angle space marines. He noted with interest that this force did not contain any of the black suited, suicidal berserkers so often found amongst the Blood Angels. His vision gave clear indication of the group of Blood Angel scouts who were moving far in advance of their force to the edge of the clearing even now.
Machlis allowed himself a slight smile. This opposing force was strong and fast but the threads of possible futures boded well in the main and had given him enough warning to send his own forces forward. Even now as the clumsy Space Marines blundered their way forward 3 rangers from Biel-tan who were visiting Lantikahl and had volunteered to join the mission were moving into excellent positions to negate the scouts' presence with their long rifles. And Xallay and his Striking Scorpions hid in the forest just above the target.
The Farseer stilled himself and allowed the currents of sight to swirl around him until the coalesced into a clear vision. Breathing gently he silently sent instructions to the Rangers and Xallay then turned to those near him.
"The Mon keigh have begun to move," he announced. "Now is the time for action."

The Eldar Force

(HQ) Farseer MachlisGuide, Fortune, Eldritch Storm, Mind War, Spirit Stone, Ghosthelm, Singing spear, Pistol. 204 pts.
(Elite) 4 Striking ScorpionsPistols, chainswords and grenades. Exarch with pistol, scorpion's claw, stealth and crushing blow. 160 pts.
(Troop) 8 Guardian DefendersShuriken catapults and Starcannon weapons platform and 2 operators. 99 pts.
(Troop) 12 Storm GuardiansPistol and close combat weapons. 2 with fusion guns, All with plasma and haywire grenades. 102 pts.
(Troop) 8 Dire AvengersShuriken catapults. exarch with shuriken catapult and distract. 130 pts.
(Troop) 3 RangersRanger long rifles and pistols. 58 pts.
(Fast Attack) VyperShuriken cannon, CTM, Holo-field. 105 pts.
(Heavy Support) Dark ReapersReaper launchers. 111 pts.
  • Grand Total: 969 Points.

The Blood Angel's Force

(HQ) 5 Honour GuardSanguinary Priest With Exsanguinator and bolt pistol. Standard bearer with bolt pistol. Techmarine with bolt pistol. Veteran Sergent with bolt pistol and CC weapon. Space marine with plasma gun. All with jump packs. 321 pts.
(Troop) 9 Tactical SquadFrag grenades, 7 bolt guns, 1 Missle launcher and1 flamer. Veteran Sergant with bolt pistol, CC weapon and grenades. Mounted in Rhino. 256 pts.
(Troop) 7 Scout Squad4 with bolt pistols, CC weapons and frag grenades, 2 with sniper rifles and frag grenades. Veteran Scout Sergent with bolt pistol, CC weapon and frag grenades. 121 pts.
(Fast Attack) 5 Assault squad2 with bolt pistol, CC weapons and grenades, 2 with plasma pistols, CC weapons and grenades. Veteran Sergent with bolt pistol, CC weapon and grenades. All with jump packs. 150 pts.
(Fast Attack) 3 Bike squadBikes with twin linked bolters. 1 rider with plasma gun, 1 with melta gun and Veteran Sergent with CC weapon. 137 pts.
  • Grand Total: 985 Points.


Basically a Take and Hold except that both sides were seeking to take an unoccupied installation and we used a Standard missions force organization chart. The target was 2-story building with a veranda around the top level. Occupation was agreed as being in possession of the veranda at the end of the game. Access to the veranda was via a ladder attached to the back of the building. Space between the back of the building and the board edge was only wide enough for 2 figures. Both sides could use infiltrators and the game was random game length. We were using the trial assault rules.

Blood Angels Turn 1

The scout squad stealthily emerged from the forest near a fortification that dominated the clearing. Using jet packs for distance the assault group leapt the intervening forest to place themselves on the back-side of the fortification whilst the Honour Guard leapt straight into the clearing approaching the target. The tactical squad also raced towards the target in their Rhino transport whilst the bike squad established a position on one side of the clearing.

Eldar Turn 1

Unnoticed by any the Rangers quietly crept from the forest to take position in a sand bag enclosure. The Striking Scorpions also advanced down the hills towards the back of the target. Farseer Machlis joined the Dire Avenger squad and they ran between the two forested hills and behind a small grove of trees towards the target (FoF roll 6). The Guardian Defenders followed with their weapon platform intent on taking position near the Rangers though it would be another turn before they got there.
The Storm Guardians progressed around the back of the hills towards the fortification (FoF roll 5) and the approaching Assault Squad followed by the Viper which took position side on between them and the assault squad and opened fire with the shuriken cannon, blowing one space marine away.

Blood Angels Turn 2

The Assault Squad jumped forward, intent on avenging their fallen comrade but chose to target the Storm Guardians rather than the Viper. Their move gave 3 of them line of sight on 2 Guardians but their anger and haste resulted in poor shooting and only 1 casualty. The presence of the Viper made it impossible for them to assault the Guardians. The scouts moved along the fortification towards its entrance whilst the Honour Guard and Rhino continued to approach the target. The Rhino supercharging enabled it to achieve the target but troops were unable to disembark because of the distance travelled. The bike squad chose to hold position.

Eldar Turn 2

The viper moved forward to engage those forces approaching the target. Machlis and the Dire Avengers burst from cover intending to travel around the front of the target to seek to gain control of the building access from the same side as where the Rhino was now parked whilst the Scorpions continued to move towards the other side of the target intending to travel behind it to the access. The Dark Reapers made slow progress through the forest (terrain roll of 2) towards their position.
The Defender Squad seemed to have difficulties and failed to move. The Viper fired upon the honour guard inflicting one wound. The Sanguinary Priest attempted to revive the fallen marine with his Exsanguinator but the wound was too serious and so the Honour Guard lost its plasma gunner. The Rangers demonstrated excellent marksmanship (3 to hit rolls of 6) killing 2 Scouts and though the squad survived a pinning test. The Storm Guardians opened fire upon the Assault Squad with both fusion gunners scoring hits and reducing 2 marines to molten slag.
The squad then assaulted the marines inflicting another casualty but losing one of the fusion gunners in the process. The surviving Assault Marine chose to withdraw, avoiding attempts to retain him in close combat.

Blood Angels Turn 3

Using their jet packs the Honour guard leapt on to the target veranda whilst the surviving Assault Marine, trusting the Emperor and knowing no fear, leapt into the fortification. The tactical squad dismounted flooding the ally behind the target. The bike squad roared across the clearing towards Machlis and the Dire Avengers. Having remained stationary the Scout snipers were able to return fire upon the Rangers, killing one. Meanwhile the bikes opened fire upon the Dire Avengers with their twin-linked bolters and inflicted 2 casualties. The bikes then assaulted Machlis and the Dire Avengers but were unable to inflict any wounds and their armour protecting them from the attacks of the Avengers. Machlis, wielding his singing spear with the grace of long practice mortally wounded one biker but the moral of the other two held firm.

Eldar Turn 3

The Dark reapers finally achieved their positions and prepared to use their reaper launchers but this would take time. The Storm Guardians ran back around the fortifications and towards the Scouts, not bothering to fire but more intent on hand to hand combat. The Striking Scorpions burst forth upon the tactical squad whilst the Defenders also took up position. A barrage of fire fell upon the Honour Guard from the surviving Rangers, the Viper and the Starcannon however only one member of the Squad was wounded and he was revived through the potency of the Exsanguinator.
The Scorpions also chose not to shoot but charged the marines, cutting down 2 but suffering a casualty in return. The Exarch, Xallay, then went to work with his claw and slaughtered a further 3 marines. Despite loosing half their squad the marines held firm. The Storm Guardians assault killed another Scout but at the cost of the 2nd fusion gunner. Meanwhile Machlis and the Avengers fought a stalemated close combat with the bikers. Machlis could sense the gloating of the Sanguinary Priest who felt sure that victory belonged to the Space marines but Machlis knew this was misplaced.
With the heavy firepower at his disposal and the loses suffered by the marines, he believed that the tide of battle would soon turn, if only there would remain enough time.

Blood Angels Turn 4

The surviving Assault Marine identified the threat that the group of Guardian Defenders with their floating heavy weapon platform presented to the Blood Angel HQ and so fearlessly jumped towards them however he failed to inflict any casualties with his rushed shooting. The Honour Guard were more fortunate as they remained stationary on the target's veranda, pouring a barrage of bolter fire upon the Viper and rejoicing as they watched it crash and burn. The Assault Marine rushed on into assault, his superior weapon skill and stronger armour enabling him to kill one Guardian whilst suffering no wounds himself. Nearby another Scout died in the conflict with the Storm Guardians but his remaining two brothers managed to rally and killed three Guardians.
The remaining two fled the field, the tired Scouts unable to retain them in combat. The battle between Machlis and the Dire Avengers and the two bikers seemed to have stalemated with no injuries on either side whilst the Scorpion Exarch was the only one who managed to inflict any injuries in the tightly spaced battle between the Scorpions and the Tactical marines behind the target.

Eldar Turn 4

The Storm guardians continued to fall back, now beyond range where they could even fire upon any enemies. The Rangers and Dark Reapers both fired upon the Honour Guard with 2 wound inflicted by the deadly Reaper missiles. The Sanguinary Priest once again employed his Exsanguinator to save one fallen comrade but was unsuccessful in the dangerous attempt to save the 2 nd of his injured brothers. The Priest staggered as he suffered a wound himself with the Veteran Sergent slipping into death. Meanwhile another Guardian died at the hands of the Assault Marine though the squad's morale remained firm. The Dire Avengers dragged one of the bikers from his vehicle whilst Machlis finished the other with his Singing Spear. Xallay's Scorpion Claw proved to be the element tipping the scales in the battle between the Scorpions and the Tactical Marines, ripping through armour and inflicting what was yet again the only injury in that conflict.
A dice roll of 2 saw the continuance of the game.

Blood Angels Turn 5

The Scouts rushed upon the Rangers, spurred on by the Black Rage whilst the Rhino moved from position beside the target to confront Machlis and the Dire Avengers. The Honour Guard and the Rhino both fired upon the Dire Avengers with one Eldar succumbing to bolter fire from the Marine Head Quarters. The Scouts choose not to shoot but continued rushing on into assault and killing one of the Rangers whilst suffering no injuries themselves. The remaining Ranger stood his ground. The superior numbers of the Guardian Defenders finally overcame the remaining Assault Marine whilst the slugfest behind the target saw the demise of another Marine and a second Scorpion casualty.

Eldar Turn 5

Machlis detached himself from the Dire Avenger squad to advance on the Rhino, but not before employing his Spirit Stone to cast Guide and Fortune upon the squad. The squad itself moved across the front of the target and out far enough to gain line of sight on the Honour Guard. Torn between a desire to assist the remaining brave Ranger and the realization that the target must be gained the Defenders did their duty and advanced towards the target, ending within range of their shuriken catapults. Machlis threw his Singing Spear at the Rhino whose crew had just made some derisive remark about an old man in a dressing gown with a toothpick.
The foolishness of this comment was proved with the impressive explosion with which the vehicle ceased to be a feature of the battle. Shuriken fire from both the Dire Avengers and Guardians coupled with bolts of plasma from the starcannon and reaper missiles poured upon the Honour Guard. The Sanguinary Priest used the Exsanguinator to save another comrade but felt he could not risk another failure and sadly watched the demise of another brother. The mass of firepower soon saw the demise of the brother he had just saved and he desperately attempted to save himself with the Exsanguinator. A desperate attempt which was successful. Machlis felt that he could really get to dislike that gadget. The Ranger continued to hold the 2 Scouts in close combat but was unable to wound either. Another Tactical Marine went down to the Scorpion swordcraft whilst the Exarch battled it out with and killed the squad's Veteran Sergent.
A dice roll of 6 saw the game go on.

Blood Angels Turn 6

The Sanguinary Priest dearly desired to fire upon Machlis in rage and hatred but he knew the access to the veranda must be defended. Quickly he rushed around to the top of the ladder and fired ineffectually upon the Scorpions who were protected by their heavy armour. The stalemate continued between Ranger and Scouts.

Eldar Turn 6

Whilst the Guardians drew closer to the target the Scorpions rushed to the bottom of the ladder, as did Machlis. The Guardians, Reapers and Dire Avengers were unable to fire upon the Sanguinary Priest who had now moved beyond their line of sight. However Machlis had a good view and drew on all his discipline and training as he entered into a Mind War and finally defeated this tenacious opponent. The last Ranger was finally killed by the Scouts who not only were beyond range to assault any further enemies but also were somewhat daunted to realize they were the only surviving Blood Angel Space Marines on the field.
A dice roll of 4 would have allowed a further turn but it seemed a bit pointless. The Eldar would have gained the target; the Scouts could not have won it back so the game ended, victory to the Eldar (for once).
Machlis surveyed the ladder that would lead to their objective. His sense of achievement was tinged with a profound sadness as he surveyed with both eyes and mind the immense destruction. Lantikahl could ill afford the loss on any warriors and possessed precious few vehicles so the destruction of the Viper was a heavy blow. The victory was overwhelming but he could not help but rue the xenophobic aggression of these backward but dangerous Mon-keigh which led them to oppose the Eldar at every turn when they should really be giving their grateful assistance to the vision and work of Lantikahl. Regretfully he sent a mental message to his Dark Reapers and Guardians. The surviving two Marines could not be allowed to report this. The revenge of their chapter must be fall stalled as long as possible.

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