Scenario: Of Knights And Terror

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Of knights and terror is a campaign of how grand master Arthur and his grey knights travel through the eye of terror, surviving against daemons and the chaos gods themselves. Forced into the eye of terror by the chaos lord dates they have to struggle against daemons and powers of unimaginable strength, Arthur must protect his knights through the one place a man never wants to see twice in a life time.


Travelling for hundreds of years the knights have been encountered several times, but by nothing of any great threat, now a burgle force has gathered and is now attacking the knights.


The Grey Knights:

Grand master w/ nemesis force halberd, storm bolter, grimoire of true names and banishment + 4 Terminator retinue
5 Terminators + Brother captain w/ holocaust
7 Grey knight w/ psycannon + Justicar
7 Grey knight w/ incinerator + Justicar

The Nurgle:

Greater daemon of nurgle
5 nurgle bases
15 Plague bearers
15 Plague bearers

Mission special rules:

Eye of terror: The daemons are in the eye of terror and therefore do not need to be summoned and only take instability tests when banishment is used.
Campaign: All grey knight casualties that are removed from play will stay removed from play in the following missions.


1) Setup a playing area of 5' * 5'. The grey knights deployment zone is a 12" circle in the centre of the centre of the table. The daemons deployment zones are 6" on opposite sides of the table.

Mission Objectives

The grey knights win if the greater daemon of nurgle is killed, the nurgle force wins if the grand master is killed.

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