Shadows in the Mist

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It's day three of our patrol circuit, not much of a circuit when u don't need 2 walk a pace of it, just sit back on this god damned boat! Yeah sure we're faster, but we're a bigger target! Ah well, not much to do anyway 'cept ta'uk'me an moan, clean the twin heavy bolter's in the bow, and the autocannon in the rear, then our personal weapons, and do personal admin. Which means I wake up, wash, shave, clean my bolter and sword, get the guns cleaned and sit, ta'uk'me, dice and smoke. I really do love this job, it means I can relax for once on this god emperor forsaken mud ball.
* * *
I am Falstead, it is my job to hunt demons and rogue psykers, even other inquisitors. This is the reason I am on this sweaty hell of a jungle planet, to hunt my former mentor, known only as "Engle" I know not his name, nor do I wish to, he is a heretic.
* * *
Soo, they sent my old pupil Falstead, they don't realise that I have grown beyond the petty constraints of flesh weakened by age. I am now much more, faster, stronger, more dangerous, my studies of chaos have given my this new body, driven by demon ichor powered by my will it is still just so much dead meat that will need replacing soon, these meat things are so fragile, my machine from, oh! That was glorious, though I was still just a brain in a glass tank.
* * *
Day four of the circuit, received orders to retrieve an inquisitor and escort him on his mission up river, in to the infected area. God Emperor preserve my crew and i.
* * *
Day two of my quest, met and joined my escort today. I am being ferried to my destination aboard the river patrol boat " vigilance" crewed by Catachan 15th regiment, it is commanded by Sgt leroy, with cpl " greaser" green as mechanic, trooper silence on the forward heavy bolters, trooper rock on the auto cannon there is talk of a fourth member of the crew, known simply as "pyro" due to his use of a heavy flamer, yet there is no smell of promethium, and no evidence of his existence.
* * *
Come forward my foolish pupil, find what you seek and let it be your fall!
* * *
Well this Falstead joker's a decent sort, asks difficult questions though, dangerous among catachans as well, won't tell me what he's hunting, don't much think I want to know anyway, I'll know soon enough. The one thing I do know is that we're headed in the direction of the infected zone.
* * *
My search takes me in to the so-called "infected zone" the rotten heart of the jungle where chaos has taken root, twisting the growth and minds of man and beast alike, as well as the very jungle it's self! Occasionally something will motivate the beasts and men to attack the servants of the emperor, there hasn't been an incursion of any size in a good 5years, the time my old mentor has been here, pursing his "studies".
* * *
You never did understand what I sort to do, seek to do! I seek to turn chaos against it's self! You fool! You seek to use "pure" methods, methods which have worked but not effectively!! I was using those methods before you were a thought in you parents minds! See what I have achieved here boy.
* * *
Day 5
The log has been left languish for a time, mainly due to the fact we've been up to our eyes in warp spawn! We've expended our ammo, we're exhausted, greaser is wounded as are we all to a lesser extent, haven't seen pyro yet, he'll show up soon enough.
* * *
Engle sent his minions against us, we have beaten them back, though at great cost to our ammunition, not to mention sleep and a small amount of blood. I am beginning to believe the talk of another crewmember, I can faintly smell promethium. and obscura.
* * *
So, you have beaten back my pawns.
So be it, you shall soon face my real forces, you were such a promising pupil, yet you're still a slave to doctrine. Fair the well my foolish student
* * *
Day 6
All has been quiet, as we pass deeper into the shadow of the jungle. The ancient trees hanging over us like menacing and corrupt sentinels. We are obliged to keep our searchlights on around the clock.
* * *
This grim landscape of tortured, twisted and malformed timber looks as the product of a madman's mind. The darkness in Engles soul has twisted everything around him and the beasts, the crew have sighted several beast packs lead by monstrous half-breeds of man and animal. Beastmen, here in the heart of the imperium, I feel the presence of hundreds of minds bent with hatred of my holy purpose there is one which appears to be larger then the other's, I go now to prepare myself and my weapons, so as I may face this mind, weather it be demon, or Engle himself.
* * *
Student mine, you know not what you face. She is the great seducer, he grants powers over the greatest of men. and women. She once held me in thrall, but it is he who mine to control, foolish child, prey to your false god, he cannot save you.
* * *
The beast packs have disappeared, replaced by a feeling of energy and an aura of pleasure/pain. It seems as if this area has been hallowed, but with pain and debauchery, the crew are on edge, I must pray to the god emperor
* * *
Day 7
The jungle feels as if it is closing in on us, we haven't seen the beast packs for a while, and yet more worrying, we haven't seen the inquisitor either.
* * *
The stench of promethium and obscura are beginning to infuse my body in the bowels of this craft. But this is the most peace to be found anywhere in this craft. As I pray, I prepare my weapons, a masterfully tooled stormbolter with "pax imperitus" engraved on one barrel, and " lex imperitus" on the other, I then bless the magazine of psy-cannon ammunition that feeds my stormbolter, with it thus loaded, it will cause great harm to demons and psycers. I then un-case my demon hammer, an ancient weapon with the words " damnatio tumm" inscribed upon it's face, thus armed, and fortified with my faith I pass towards my mentor, or whatever demon he has summoned to prevent our meeting.
* * *
Petty mortal, you cannot stand against me, as you stood no hope of ever standing against your mentor
* * *
The proceedings a transcript of documents from Falsteads mission, before we lost contact with the vigilance and her crew they have now been out of contact for three standard days, there is another inquisitor en route to the planet to ascertain Falsteads where abouts, or whether he has gone to meet the emperor
Your faithful servant
Administrum Telepathica

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