Dark Eldar Verses Blood Angels

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Thanks to Dark Silhouette for this.

This is a battle that I played against my friends Blood Angels. It took place around 2:00 a.m. after seeing the Two Towers so don't laugh at some of the tactical errors if any of them were made. Ok, to the army lists (I don't know all the wargear given to the Blood Angels so I'll just state the units)

Army Lists

Dark Eldar (Me)

(HQ) Dracon

Agoniser, Splinter Pistol, Combat Drugs, Shadow Field. Incubi (2). Warriors (3).

(HQ) Raider

Dark Lance

(Troop) Warriors

*A* (10) w/ 2 Dark Lances

(Troop) Warriors

*B* (10) w/ 2 Dark Lances

(Troop) Warriors

*C* (10) w/ Splinter Cannon, Blaster Raider w/ Dark Lance

(Troop) Warriors

*D* (10) w/ Splinter Cannon, Blaster Raider w/ Dark Lance

(Fast Attack) Reaver Jetbikes

(5) w/ 2 Blasters

(Heavy Support) Ravager

w/ 3 Disintegrators

Blood Angels

(HQ) Captain Tycho Chaplain

(HQ) Death Company


(Troop) Tac. Squad

*A* (10) w/ Heavy Bolter, Flamer, Vet. Sergeant w/ Power Weapon. Rhino w/ Smoke Launchers

(Troop) Tac. Squad

*B* (10) w/ Heavy Bolter, Flamer, Vet. Sergeant w/ Power Weapon. Rhino w/ Smoke Launchers

(Heavy Support) Predator Annilator

w/ 3 Lascannons

Onto the battle

The mission played was Rescue and the objective was located on a hill on the corner of the board. I got to choose my deployment zone and decided to deploy parallel to the objective so that I could sit and shoot as he moved in, and then pounce on the objective as the game ended.

I started by deploying all of my troops. Warrior squad A deployed just outside a bunker while Warrior squad B deployed a foot from a building just outside the Dark Eldar Deployment zone. Both Raider Squads deployed in cover.

The Blood Angels decided to deploy both squads of troops behind two different buildings ready to secure the objective.

The Dark Eldar won the first turn and started by moving both Warrior squads into cover so they could rain shots of dark Energy at the enemy at a later time. Raider squad C moved into the open to fire it's Dark Lance at Rhino A and Raider Squad D moved out to fire on Rhino B, Raider C deployed its warriors. Both Dark Lance shots bounced off of the Rhino's armour and left themselves exposed and in the open. Warrior squad B decided to Fleet of Foot 6" into a Building.

The Blood Angel Rhino's lurched forward to claim the objective with Tac. Squad B turning to face Warrior squad C standing in the open. Both Rhino's used their overcharged engines bringing them closer to the DE lines. Rhino B stopped before Warrior Squad C and deployed 10 Blood Hungry Marines. Sensing that they were out of assault range they aimed their boltguns and fired at the Warriors. Four went down and the Storm Bolter on the Rhino took down the Raider leaving a smoking wreck for the Warriors to take cover in.

No reserves entered play for the Dark Eldar this turn so I was forced to hold off the assault for another turn. Warrior squad A fired its Dark Lances at Tac. Squad B's Rhino disabling its Storm Bolter for a turn. Raider Squad A turned and boosted 24" into an old building to take cover from the oncoming Blood Angel Rush. Warrior Squad B spent the turn climbing to the roof of a building hoping to get a good shot at the action below. Raider Squad B took aim at the Blood Angels and killed two. Things were about to get ugly for the Dark Eldar with no serious hitting power on the board I slowly handed the tape measure over the Blood Angel player.

Luckily for the Blood Angels the Predator Annilator, Death Company, and Captain Tycho all came on the board. I screamed some profanity and tried to figure a plan of how I would deal with the threat. Rhino squad A deployed from their Rhino and took cover near the objective while the Rhino swung around the rear of Warrior Squad A. Rhino Squad B hoped back into their Rhino and sped off towards the objective. Captain Tycho moved towards the objective and the Predator took aim and the warriors. The Death Company appeared right in front of Raider squad B and not being able to charge emptied their clips into the warriors downing another four. Two Warriors remained and they trembled as they looked onward to see 6 Death Company soldiers and a Chaplain about to charge. Luckily for the DE the Predator Annilator missed on all of its shots and the Warriors held their ground.

This was the turn of retribution for the Dark Eldar. The HQ and the Reavers appeared and prepared for battle. The Dracon's Raider flew behind Tac. Squad A and prepared for some fun. The Reavers moved out of cover and prepared to let some hell loose with their Blasters. The perfect trap had been set. Warrior Squad A and B were both prepared to fire into the Death Company which was in the open. Raider Squad B's two warriors lifted their Blaster and Splinter Cannon and prayed. *Tactical Error on my part, I forgot about Raider Squad A and left them in the Ruins*

Ever available weapon fired into the death company. When the smoke cleared not one trooper was left standing the combined might of 4 Dark Lances, 1 Blaster, 1 Splinter Cannon, and 16 Splinter Rifles completely decimated the Death Company. Now it was the Dracon's turn striking from behind he and 2 Incubi killed 6 Blood Angels and the Vet. Sergeant killed 1 Warrior with his Power Weapon. This is definitely how the Dark Eldar bring retribution onto their enemies.

The Blood Angels prayed to the Emperor (don't they ever realize he isn't going to do anything for them?) and prepared to take the rest of the DE army. Rhino A moved towards Warrior squad A and killed another Warrior with its Storm Bolter, and Rhino squad B and Tycho both secured the objective. The Predator Annilator fired on the Bikes killing two and the Space Marines fighting the Dracon were all killed to a man (He he!). The game looked just about over for the Blood Angels but they still had a glimmer of hope left.

That glimmer soon faded as the Ravager appeared on the table. Warrior squad A destroyed Rhino A with its Dark Lances. Then the Ravager swooped in and fired 3 Disintegrators at the bunched up Blood Angels on the objective. When the smoke cleared from the Plasma only one Marine was left standing. Then the Dracon's Raider jumped up and fired a devastatingly accurate Dark Lance shot on Tycho killing him outright.

The game ended as the Blood Angels conceded having nothing left that could claim the objective and only 1 Predator and 1 Space Marine left on the board.

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