Vicissitudo Rex, formerly of the Legio Vulturum

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Of all the mighty war machines deployed by the Imperium of Man, undoubtedly the most incredible and terrible are the God creations of the Titan Legions. During the Horus Heresy, several of these bodies sided with the Warmaster along with the Traitor Legions and countless Imperial Guard regiments. Today, these machines are horrific perversions of the former glories, fused with daemonic entities and possessed of the wrathful fury of a dark god of war.

One of the more notable Chaos Titans, a metal beast irrevocably warped by the influence of the Great Changer of Ways, Tzeentch, is known now as Vicissitudo Rex, the Change King.

Millennia ago there existed a daemon whose name was Llel'o'ta'tzh, a mighty Lord of Change, with sorcerous capability unparalleled and a scheming mind modelled after Tzeentch himself. Over time and assorted incursions into the material plane, during the Black Crusades or other significant daemonic invasions, its power grew to such a level that lesser mortals would flee in terror from his gaze or be devolved into hideous, mewling Chaos spawn. But Llel'o'ta'tzh had a greater plan, one that involved the God Machines of the Titan Legions.

After fighting alongside these creations in many Chaotic wars, Llel'o'ta'tzh finally made its ascension. The Titan in question was Terminus Dies of the Legio Vulturum, one of the Titan Legions serving on the side of the Dark Gods from the start of the Heresy. Already it had mutated internally beyond what its Techpriest creators could ever have envisioned, though externally it remained mostly unchanged. Following Llel'o'ta'tzh's bondage with the thirty metre tall metal giant, the resultant Daemon Engine looks very different.

The torso, legs and right hand side of the Warlord titan remain unchanged, resplendent in golden yellow armour and wielding great and beautiful weaponry befitting of such an engine of war. The left side has been ripped apart by the energy of the Lord of Change, and all its weaponry annihilated, replaced by one long arm with a wickedly fingered hand grasping a staff as tall as a building and a gargantuan feathered wing, useful for naught with the exception of ornament. The metal of the head of the beast has warped into that of a dark golden eagle, with eyes of terror and a wicked beak.

Now the entity is called Vicissitudo Rex, and exists largely within the Realm Of Chaos. When it takes to battle in the material universe, worlds weep for their time has come. The daemon itself is a hateful creature, delighting in change and distortion, and accepts no authority save that of Tzeentch himself.  Vicissitudo Rex has its own schemes, but it rarely employs others in their furtherance, at least, not to the extent that they are aware of the role they represent in the game it plays. Those on the same side as the Titan are grateful for its support, yet they keep their distance for fear of the malevolent changing influence exuding from its whole being.

POINTS: 3500

WS 2
BS 5
S 10
Front 14
Side 14
Rear 13
I 1
A 4

Unit: 1
Type: Super heavy walker
Structure Points: 9
Void Shields: 6

Weapons and Equipment:
Carapace mounted Apocalypse missile launcher (see the Apocalypse book)
Arm mounted Volcano Cannon (see the Apocalypse book)
Staff of Distortion

Staff of Distortion:
The Staff of Distortion can be fired in one of two ways. The first is using the 10" blast template with a range of 48", and anything under the template is affected by the Gift Of Chaos psychic power (see Codex: Chaos Space Marines). It cannot be nullified wholesale but can be blocked on an individual basis (for example if a character is immune to psychic powers). The second is a weapon with 72" range, using the Hellstorm template with the fat end facing Vicissitudo Rex. The shot is Strength 5, AP 3. The Staff of Distortion can also be used as a Titan Close Combat Weapon.
Terrifying: Any enemy units within 6" of Vicissitudo Rex must take a Leadership test or fall back. Fearless units or others that need not take morale tests for whatever reason are exempt.
Deep Strike: As a Daemon, Vicissitudo Rex can Deep Strike onto the battlefield. If it clashes with a piece of terrain, it is not destroyed and is instead placed next to the terrain piece.
Daemonic Meltdown: As in the Warlord entry in the Apocalypse book, except rather than a reactor explosion this is the rush of energy caused by the daemon being released. Of course, Vicissitudo Rex can simply reform in the Warp and come back later... Unlike the Fateweaver, Vicissitudo Rex cannot be made to flee - it doesn't really believe that anything apart from Tzeentch Himself can stop it.
Towering Monstrosity: As in the Warlord entry in the Apocalypse book.
Daemon Invulnerability: Vicissitudo Rex, as a former Lord of Change, receives a 5+ Invulnerable save against any and all attacks made against it.
Distorting Influence: At the start of your turn, roll a D6 for every friendly unit within 6" of Vicissitudo Rex. On a roll of a 1 or 2, a random model of that unit is turned into Chaos Spawn. Said Chaos Spawn will attack the nearest unit, friend or foe, and as such will engage the unit that created it, counting as charging in the Assault phase.

This will be the second Titan I build. Seeing as I haven't started the first yet it might take a while, but rest assured. That's this year's summer project!

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