Khorne Verses Eldar

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Khorne versus Eldar

The hordes of Chaos descended upon the beleaguered Eldar. The Eldar attempted to hole up in a large rock formation. As the Chaos legions advanced, Farseer Everzel decided drastic measures were in order. The Dark Reapers would attempt to distract the opponents and one of the Guardian squads would stay back to lure the Chaos units away from the rest of the army; the remaining but dwindling Eldar force snuck by the side of an industrial center. Thus, the battle for Coria IV began.

It began with the rumbling of engines. The Eldar Falcon carried Everzel and the five remaining Striking Scorpions from the rock formations all the way to the industrial center. The reactor nearly melted down. None of the weapons were fired, preventing this occurrence. Two of the Guardian Squads and the Howling Banshees advanced along the side with the Falcon, shouldering their weapons and running to try and gain more speed. Sacrificing itself, the final Guardian Squad advanced down the center to draw the crazed Khorne Berzerkers away from the flank. Finally, the Dark Reapers and Scatter Laser fired at the Chaos Rhino, shaking it for a turn. All of this occurred before the Chaos Daemon Prince, Edaem, learned of it.

Edaem quickly sent his legion into the thick of it. Every single squad advanced, quickly closing the gap between the two vastly different forces. He was too far away to do much more than wait.

Everzel took advantage of the Chaos inactivity to take his Falcon off of the planet, securing a partial victory. The rest of the squads on that flank advanced even closer to the awaiting Eldar transport ships. Once again, the Dark Reapers and Scatter Laser shot at the Rhino. This time they had much better luck. They hit both treads and the single weapon twice! This didn't destroy the infernal machine, however.

The Chaos horde once again advanced. The Raptors took care of the Dark Reapers, and one of the Khorne Berzerker Squads disemboweled the sacrificial Guardian Squad. Finally, the Khorne Berzerkers inside the marooned Rhino freed themselves with a wild Blood Frenzy. The battle was looking grim for the Chaos forces, with only 8 Khorne Berzerkers available to intercept 27 Eldar skirting the industrial center.

Once again, the Eldar advanced along the flank. Nothing more happened, as they were unable to use more complex strategies without Everzel to guide them.

The lone Khorne Berzerker squad, the only hope of Edaem, advanced towards the flank the Eldar were advancing along. In a powerful Blood Rage, they assaulted one of the Eldar squads! In an incredible show of skill, the Khorne Berzerker squad killed the entire Eldar squad by advancing past the fleeing Guardians and trapping them. Throughout this entire episode, the Khorne Berzerkers only lost one man!

The Howling Banshee Exarch, the highest ranking Eldar in the group, decided to take his chances and let the Guardian squad escape, while assaulting the Khorne Berzerkers with his own elite warriors. The Guardians left the table, leaving the Howling Banshees to fight the Khorne Berzerkers alone. The five Howling Banshees proceeded to kill five Khorne Berzerkers with no losses themselves. The aspect warriors prepared to crush the two remaining Khorne Berzerkers.

At that very moment, the Eldar reinforcements arrived. They annihilated Edaem's legion to the man. Everzel succeeded in saving his force.

Army Lists used in Battle (1100 points)


  • Farseer Everzel -Mind War, Fortune, Spirit Stones, Ghosthelm, Runes of Witnessing, Shuriken Pistol, Witchblade
  • 4 Striking Scorpions - Haywire & Plasma Grenades
  • Exarch - Crushing Blow, Scorpion's Claw
  • 4 Howling Banshees
  • Exarch - Executioner, Acrobatic
  • 11 Guardians
  • Scatter Laser Platform
  • Warlock - Conceal, Close Combat Weapon, Shuriken Pistol
  • 10 Guardians
  • Warlock - Conceal, Close Combat Weapon, Shuriken Pistol
  • 10 Guardians
  • Warlock - Conceal, Close Combat Weapon, Shuriken Pistol
  • 2 Dark Reapers
  • Exarch -Eldar Missile Launcher, Fast Shot
  • Falcon -Scatter Laser, Holofield, Spirit Stones


  • Chaos Lord - Mark of Khorne, Dark Blade, Combi-Melta, Daemonic Flight, Daemonic Stature, Furious Charge, Daemonic Speed, Feel no Pain.Total: 180 pts.
  • 2 x 8 Chaos Space Marines - 7 with BP Definition: Bolt Pistoland Khornate Chainaxes, Furious Charge, Mark of Khorne, Power Weapon, BP,Definition: Bolt Pistol Talisman of the Burning Blood, Daemonic Strength.Total: 203 pts.
  • 8 Chaos Space Marines - Mark of Khorne, Furious Charge, 7 with Khornate Chainaxe and BP,Definition: Bolt Pistol Khornate Chainaxe, BP,Definition: Bolt Pistol Squad in Rhino.Total: 234 pts.
  • 5 Raptors - Mark of Undivided, 1 with meltagun, 1 with plasma pistol and CCW,Definition: Close Combat Weapon Counter Charge.Total: 180 pts.

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