Deathwatch Extermination Company

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Deathwatch Space Marines.

DEATHWATCH EXTERMINATION COMPANY                                300pts + Models

The Deathwatch are charged with guarding, studying and exterminating all manner of alien threats across the galaxy. Their stations hang over silent Tomb Worlds, and their ships stalk the darkness, watching for the Hive Fleets of the Tyranids.

Although typically deployed as Kill-Teams, there are times when the threat is so severe that a veritable army of Deathwatch are required. Gathered together, and armed with a potent Vortex Grenade, the Kill-Teams will approach their chosen target, and launch a brutal assault. Be they storming a Necron Tomb, or holding back the tide of a Hive Fleet's invasion force, the Deathwatch can and will fight to the death to destroy their enemies, and save Mankind.

3+ Deathwatch Kill-Teams. One Kill-Team should be designated as the Command Team.


Commend Thy Soul To The Emperor: The Kill-Teams know they are facing impossible odds, and have resolved to sell themselves dearly. All Deathwatch in the formation are Fearless.

Sudden Arrival: The Deathwatch are masters of rapid-attack and ambush, able to enter the battle by all manner of exotic means. The formation has the Flank March special rule. Alternatively, they may enter play via Deep Strike, so long as none of the Kill-Teams are mounted in Rhinos. The entire formation must enter play within 12" of the Command Team (though scattering due to Deep Strike may carry them further away).

Vortex Grenade! One model in the Formation is equipped with a Vortex Grenade. Enjoy.

The Bigger They Are...: The Extermination Company has trained to dispose of the biggest nasties in the galaxy. Against all alien Monstrous or Gargantuan creatures (ie: not Chaos Daemons), the Deathwatch may use their Meltabombs in place of their normal attacks. Each Deathwatch Marine fighting in this manner makes a single attack, resolved at Str 8 and ignoring Armour Saves.

Tomb Raiders: All attacks made by members of the Extermination Company, both Shooting and Combat based, negate We'll Be Back.

Suffer Not Cheezy Alien Rules: aka: "Oi! Necrons! NAO!"
Games Workshop is going to spew out all manner of beardy klkn for 40K, and it's impossible to list every single one of their broken rule ideas. Suffice to say, whatever the broken rules are, the Extermination Company ignores them. It is up to the players to use their judgement here (and no, getting an Armour Save vs a Bolter is not 'Cheezy'...).

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