Draqui Ascendance

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To: Ordo Xenos Administratium, Vermillion Level Priority.
From: Xarr Gothen, Inquisitor Morderatus, Ordo Xenos.
Subject: Draqui Empiret, rapid expansion of.
Thought for the day: Genocide is not enough.
Noble Sirs.
For too long we have considered the Draqui Empiret a minor threat to the Imperium. Having less than a hundred confirmed engagements, and with the more pressing threat of the Eye of Terror so close, it is understandable that the higher orders of the Imperium have never seen need to exterminate them completely. The fact that their domain lies beyond the Halo Zone, and the guiding light of the Astronomicon, has sheltered their race further.
It is now becoming frightning clear that their Empiret is larger than we thought. It seems that the Draqui possess numerous Enclaves, which can contain anything from a single world to a handful of systems. The exact number of these Enclaves is unknown, but at least twenty-three exist scattered across the Imperium, and almost certainly beyond.
We have concluded, at a cost of several vessels, that it is the "Suqui" or "Noble" vessels that create the Enclaves. Possessing engines, weapons and shields that are superior than their Imperial counterparts, and a powerful cloaking system that renders passive scans all but useless, It is not unreasonable to assume that, by carefully avoiding major Imperial systems and shipping routes, a Suqui vessel could reach as far as Ultramar in under a decade of Warp Travel.
As to why these Enclaves have formed, we are still unsure. However, we believe it may be out of desire for profit. We know the Draqui take slaves, and that they seem to value alien technology, even when it is more primitive than their own. Thus it is logical to assume that the more distant the prize, the more valuable it is. Reports of piratical raids that follow the pattern of Draqui attacks confirm this hypothesis.
We must be careful to remain vigilant for these marauding Draqui ships, and every attempt should be made to exterminate these Enclaves before they can become to strong.
I now travel to one of the smaller Enclaves, in the hope of purging this place and gaining some insight into their strengths and motives. May the Emperor guide us in our work.
Your Obdt. Servant.
Editorial Note: We have lost all contact with Inquisitor Gothen and his forces. We can only assume the Draqui Enclave at Jihan Primus is more powerful than first anticipated.

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