-Army NameSystemCodexPointsUnitsComments
Army IconNightguard [Primary]40k logoNecrons2,743120
Army IconChanging Host FleetChaos Fleet2,545140
 Army Subsets:-15001,4859-
Army IconRyzian 57th40k logoImperial Guard1,510100
 Army Subsets:-Ryzian 1000point9957-
Army IconWAAAGH! Shacklenut40k logoOrks1,502100
 Army Subsets:-WAAAGH! Shacklenut 1000point1,0126-
Army IconCorsair Eldar FleetEldar Fleet1,13050
 Army Subsets:-100000-
Army IconChanging Host40k logoChaos Space Marines15010

Corsair Eldar Fleet Fleet List

There are no units to view for this army!

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