-Army NameSystemCodexPointsUnitsComments
Army IconTau Empire [Primary]40k logoTau8,556330
 Army Subsets:-Urban Tau Cadre2,00012-
Army IconDa Green Skin Waagghh40k logoOrks3,999200
 Army Subsets:-Da Boyz Club1,99914-
  Da Two-Weel Brudaz of Deff2,0006-
Army IconHellbender Fire Knights40k logoSpace Marines3,810170
 Army Subsets:-Land Raider Assault Force2,0009-
  Drop Pod Assault Force2,0009-
Army IconKnights Templar40k logoBlack Templars2,646170
 Army Subsets:-Knights of Malta2,00013-
Army IconTyranid Swarm40k logoTyranids2,240132
 Army Subsets:-Fire Ant Swarm2,00012-
Army IconImperial Army of Nuln40k logoEmpire002

Imperial Army of Nuln Army List

There are no units to view for this army!

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