-Army NameSystemCodexPointsUnitsComments
Army IconGearhead's Crimson Fists [Primary]40k logoSpace Marines4,626340
 Army Subsets:-Combat Patrol- Recon3813-
  Combat Patrol- Mini-Company3903-
  Combat Patrol- Heavy Fire4002-
  Combat Patrol- Ambush4003-
  Combat Patrol- All Meched Up4004-
  1000 point trial1,0008-
  1250 point Mechanized1,25010-
Army IconWaaagh! Grimbad40k logoOrks1,863170
 Army Subsets:-Mekshop- Combat Patrol4005-
  Stormfront- Combat patrol3983-
  Grimbad Bash7508-
  Grimbad Gutwrench1,00010-
Army IconD'spair Defence Force40k logoTau000

D'spair Defence Force Army List

There are no units to view for this army!

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