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Army Global Statistics

Total Armies7
Total Points9,227
Total Units53
Total Units/Army7.571
Total Points/Army1318.143

Army Summary

Army NameUnitsPoints CostDefault ArmyLast UpdatedOwner
Magic Dark Elf 1000 Pt799714th Oct 10Betat
Tactical Dark Elf 1000 Pt71,00014th Oct 10Betat
1000 Pt Dark Elf699914th Oct 10Betat
2500 Pt Dark Elf122,50014th Oct 10Betat
Ghrond's Fury111,99711th Mar 10Jester, The Honorificless
Daemon Slayers91,484UnknownChork Naghriz
The Tower Of Blessed Dread1250UnknownThe Cleaved

Unit Breakdown

Unit NameTotalsUnit/Army
UnitsTotal PointsModel CountModel Count/ArmyPoints/ArmyUnit/Army
Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen81,11210214.571158.8571.143
Reaper Bolt Thrower7900304.286128.5711
Cold One Knights61,380355197.1430.857
Black Ark Corsairs51,17010114.429167.1430.714
Dark Elf Warriors47329513.571104.5710.571
Dark Riders2248101.42935.4290.286
Supreme Sorceress263520.28690.7140.286
Cold One Chariot110010.14314.2860.143
Death Hag117510.143250.143
Har Ganeth Executioners118614226.5710.143
Lokhir Fellheart - Captain of the Tower of Blessed Dread125010.14335.7140.143 is completely unofficial and is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.