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Ork Skullhamma Battlefortress "Wartanker"

About eight months from inception until completion.  Finished but for varnishing and possibly some weathering powder on the treads

Shown here with a regular Trukk for scale.  I originally intended it to be about the size of a Baneblade, but it turned out a fair bit larger once the plow was added.
This super-heavy crawler forms the heart of an Evil Sunz warband calling itself the Mekanikal Orkestra.  Unlike most vehicles of its kind it is rarely deployed to the front.  It is normally positione...

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Army NameCodexOwnerUnitsPoints
nidsArmy IconTyranidsMaxlby6800
Knights of DornArmy IconBlack Templarshelpermonkey93183,200
Magic Dark Elf 1000 PtArmy IconDark ElvesBetat7997
Tactical Dark Elf 1000 PtArmy IconDark ElvesBetat71,000
1000 Pt Dark ElfArmy IconDark ElvesBetat6999
2500 Pt Dark ElfArmy IconDark ElvesBetat122,500
Dark angelsArmy IconSpace Marinesstruthedning223,085
Nobody's armyArmy IconSpace Marinesrazorinhalo4470
princeArmy IconChaos Space Marinesrazorinhalo3495
500Army IconTaurazorinhalo5619
Command DivisionArmy IconTauasd3215535
OrksArmy IconOrksasd3216645
New UltramarinesArmy IconSpace Marinesasd3216785
ShaolinArmy IconImperial Guardjcourie101,675
Tau Tigers 1500ptArmy IconTauhawkgeminus111,515

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Total Units5,929
Total Points949,948
Total Armies1,239
Total Models33,320
Total Painted Models18,277
Total Assembled Models25,398
Average Units Per Army4.79
Average Points Total Per Army766.71

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Latest Image Posted On25th June 2010 at 06:43am
Images in Gallery393
Total Size of All Images69,669Kb
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